Will they be safe Point for "bad" players ?


    What I mean by that is will there be cities accessible for them, will all the cities be accessible for them, and/or will there be cities only accessible for them ?


    Evil players can visit any cities they want.

    At least, being Evil is not enough to get you fully cast out of society. Guards on Syndesia let you enter towns, for instance, and some NPCs devoted to not-so-legal activities might even take a special interest in you.


    Yes but with restrictions/negative impacts.

    For example, someone with really bad karma can technically go to Arboreus but likely wont be able to stay there long.
    Check out this post which has some great info on what you're asking about.

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    Taking from what I read, the most safe place for an evil alignment character would be the hatchery in tartarus, or certain places in syndesia controlled by evil organizations. But it depends on your character's race. Since good and neutral characters are incentivated to attack evil ones.

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