Banned question.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Quick question. It can be locked when answered, to prevent further discussion under the touchy subject of being banned. Since we are seeing users being banned more frequently lately. Reasons unknown, though some obvious. However, some will ask, and perhaps the person being banned as well:

    Banned = ban from forum? Account? Game?

    I know every punishment is different, so this can be vague. But curious as to what will happen to these accounts, since the game isn't even out yet.

  • Community Manager

    Just the forum, not the game, Discord, or anything else. Banned users also won't lose access to the Foundation, other than the daily quest they can't complete now. We don't inform other users about bans because 1: We don't want to start arguments with other users about why someone got banned and 2: We don't want witch hunts.

    What will happen to banned accounts? Well, if they are temporarily banned, they will come back eventually. If it's permanent, then they won't, obviously. 😛

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