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    Since actual dukes where sold over kickstarter, this project became misleading and thus wont happen as prescribed below. If you are interested wait for us to come up with a structure that is in line with the game lore.


    The recently founded Duchy of Wirtenberg is in search for pioneers who wish to build up a feudal domain on Syndesia.

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    Wirtenberg uses the following political hierarchy:
    King (Leader of the alliance)
    Duke (Leader)
    Count (Officer)
    Baron/Mayor (Vice-Officer)
    Gentry (Veteran Member)
    Citizen (Member)

    A citizen chooses a baron which is handling daily life problems and if the game rules permit: running a village. The baron will be elected by his citizen with weighted votes. A baron represents a subset of players which is granted quite some freedom of action, they have to adhere to the rules set up by the ranks above, but beyond that they can play however they want, i like to call it the guild in the guild which is treated as a settlement. A baron then chooses a count.

    The counts are responsible for resource management, collecting taxes, pushing up new barons within their county, establishing wealth and power for the duchy, encouraging trade, identifying where resources are being gathered and funneling the money to/from the settlements. One can become count either through appointment by the duke or some sort of competition. A count is also a baron.

    The duke sets laws for his duchy. He is also responsible for law enforcement (assigns judges to the counties) and the defense of the duchy working closely with military oriented barons. In case of war the duke raises his army and leads them to battle.

    The King is responsible for setting the success or victory conditions for the kingdom. He united several duchies and is hopefully a force capable of repelling all dangers from the kingdom with the ducal armies.

    The inhabitants are supported by 3 groups divided by their tasks. The first two groups protect body and soul, the worldy rulers and the divine clergy. They protect the third group, the citizen producing goods.
    Out of this three playstyles ministries are formed to serve for the different needs of the people. You aren't set on a special task though, in reality you can do a bit of everything but the ratio will differ, this way it stays dynamic and has good opportunities to rise in rank.
    The finest people form with their competence, their noble behaviour, their ancestry and their divine intent the nobility. The groups support each other in mutual respect, every task has its privileges and duties. Nobility is a heavy duty.

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    About the duchy

    Wirtenberg is not yet part of a kingdom. It currently has the following counties and settlements:

    • County Wirtenberg – Kapier
      City Wirtenberg – Kapier

    The duchy is inspired by the feudal system of the holy roman empire, that is as far this is possible. It forms a mix of germanic and roman culture.
    Our goals are peaceful and we strive for wealth to offer new and existing citizens a duchy full of culture and comfort. However we realise that wealth attracts less peaceful people and will protect our own people with thick walls and knights of virtue.
    The three chalice in the coat of arms symbolize a strong economy, they also symbolize the three pillars Wirtenberg is built upon; the knight, the priest and the citizen supporting each other. Above the helmet there is a trinking horn which refers to the tavern that made Wirtenberg powerful in the early days, and is a symbol for its warm-hearted nature.

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    How to join the fun

    Wirtenberg is only recruiting people with whisperer title and above for now. This doesnt mean we are elitist but considering how far away the game is we want to start slow. Want to go from squire to knight, search for a place of your future city or want to enter prestigious government positions? We got something for everyone. Much effort is put into the culture so it is not only an environment thats interesting to live in but also a possible fertile soil for RP and festivities.

    We are searching for:

    • Counts for the duchy of Wirtenberg
    • Barons and mayors for the county of Wirtenberg
    • Citizen of every profession for the city of Wirtenberg
    • Warriors for the castle
    • Priests for the diocese Wirtenberg
    • Officials for the ministries of the duchy
    • Community manager for public relation
    • Leader for guilds (crafts) and other organisations

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    You are invited to join our Discord-Server and learn more. Visitors also are welcome.


    Nicely detailed post. Will be keeping my eye on this for sure.

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    @kapier I love this n I think the idea is amazing. I'll most DEFINITELY keep an eye on this ! Good job !

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    @kapier lol ya still looking for a Duke ?

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