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    Will I be able to assign, and reassign my carpenter to maintenance of any building of my choosing? What if it is not my building, but a guild building, or one owned by a member of my guild? What if it's just a friend of mine who doesn't have their own carpenter, can I let them use mine if I'm somehow not wanting the convenience, or wanting to be nice to them? Say I have a lifetime carpenter, but decide to quit the game, would I be able to post my carpenter at the home of a friend to keep it working as a last friendly thing to do? Say I have a lifetime carpenter but my closest gaming partner does not, can I swap my carpenter between our buildings in order to make life easier for them, even if it makes it a little harder for me?

    If I get a kickstarter pledge pack for someone that doesn't have lifetime carpenter, will they be able to upgrade just the carpenter during the fundraising on the website? Will they be able to upgrade after the fundraising period is over? Will players be able to upgrade once the game starts?


    I assume the carpenter can only maintain your property. The Guild Leader would have to use their Carpenter to fix their house that acts as a guild hall.

    Yeah no one can answer the post KS questions. It's possible there is a standalone lifetime on the store.

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