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  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi everyone,

    our aim with the following rules is to make this forum a friendly and enjoyable place for the whole Fractured community. A place where you can learn more about the game, discuss it and find new friends, while we can gather your feedback. Please help us make it so by abiding to them! 😉

    1) BE CIVIL

    Treat each other with respect. Don't insult other users, troll them, or bait them into breaking the rules. Also, keep criticism constructive. For more information about the rules regarding Acceptable Content, I suggest you read paragraph 5 of our Terms of Service.

    Here's a summary of the most important rules:

    • Do not harass other users. For example: Insulting others, flaming, etc.
    • Do not troll other users.
    • Do not threaten other people, unless it's within the context of the game.
    • Do not invade other people's privacy and do not* doxx other users. (posting other people's real life information).
    • Do not post hate speech (discriminatory, racist, etc).
    • Do not impersonate staff or other users.

    In addition to that, certain content is forbidden from being posted. This includes (but is not limited to):

    • Sexually explicit content.
    • Illegal content.
    • Malicious content like viruses.
    • Hacks, cheats and exploits.
    • Copyrighted content.
    • Unsolicited or unauthorized advertising.

    For a full list of prohibited content and behaviour, I once again refer you to the Terms of Service.

    2) DON'T SPAM

    All comments should stay on topic and all threads should be relevant to the section they're posted in. Also, keep in mind that the off-topic section is for discussions unrelated to Fractured, not for spam.

    If you want to gain Foundation Points from the Daily Post quest but don't have anything interesting to say, you can however leave a "spammy" post in this thread.

    In addition to the rules above, we have also decided to forbid the following subjects from being discussed:

    • Politics
    • Religion

    I am sure you can understand why we have forbidden these two subjects. These subjects often lead to fights and drama, and have little to do with what this forum is about. Because of this, we believe the best course of action is to simply disallow users from discussing them. These rules only apply to real life politics and religion, discussions about in-game politics and religion are obviously fine.


    Moderators and Dynamight Studios staff reserve the right to remove, edit, lock, move, or otherwise adjust content posted by the users of this forum at any time.

    If you disagree with an action taken by a moderator, send him/her a PM or send one to a member of the Dynamight Studios staff instead of making a post about it.

    Breaking the above rules can result in a warning or the temporary/permanent suspension of your account, depending on the severity of the offense and the existence of prior warnings.

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