• TF#3 - ENVOY

    Any info on if there will be any kind of dungeon in the game?


    @nortz They'll be in the game. The game itself is open world, accordingly to the dungeon I'll have to flee rather than get in line like in a standard MMO. Because of the open world system, there can be an unlimited number of people inside the dungeon. Inside the dungeon can be rare monsters, mini-boss of which drop rare resources and for them you get knowledge points for your development

    @prometheus said in Dungeons & Guild info?:

    Hi @CommissarVodka! Dungeons, like the rest of the world, are going to be accessible by any player at any time. There are going to be no "private instances" of any kind. I'd call it the "old school" way rather than the "recent mmos" way, although it's a fact the old school is coming back 🙂

    28:34 what will motivate players to go to danji?

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