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    Yo, here's a list of questions answered on Discord by Prometheus. I've given a few of the answers their own post to make it easier to link to for my compilation thread. I hope the mods/staff don't mind. 🙂

    Q: was wondering about the gear system in the game, how many rarities and what color's they're going to be, also wondering if theres gonna be some sort of "unique" items off... lets say a "special event dungeon" or "end game"?

    A: The item system of Fractured strongly empathizes equipment replaceability, so the average armor or weapon will be made of common materials and it will be easy for a player to craft a whole new set if he loses his own - or to buy it from another player, of course. The geographic distribution of resources will play a big role in this - a material might be common in a region of Tartaros but "rare" for you because you live on Syndesia and... hell, there are really a few merchants who dare to go THERE to trade or gather - and if they do bring back some, they sell it at 20 times the price it's found at the local market. That being said, there will be bosses, rare resources and rare items, but they are not the core of progression in Fractured. Your aim for the development of your own character will be to learn as many things as you can so you can vary your build as much as possible and survive in as many different situations as possible, and to have a steady supply of materials (not only for crafting - food as well!) for your everyday life. I'll be bold and say Fractured's progression is really something different from anything you've seen so far!

    Q: do you start the game as tabula rasa and can do anything or are the paths decided at the start and unflexible? i want to know if i can be a crafter but fight sometimes if i feel like it

    A: The former. During character creation you choose the basic strenghts and weaknesses of your character. Once in game, you can literally learn everything that can be learnt - be them spells, abilities, crafting recipes, etc - through the Knowledge System. This is something different not only from class-based and level-based MMOs (like World of Warcraft), but also from skill-based ones (like Ultima Online). Get ready for a whole new level of meaningful freedom!

    Q: is the game gonna be a ARPG like diablo?

    A: Yes. Camera, controls and combat style will be those you are used to if you've played ARPGs like Diablo, Torchlight or Path of Exile. We're not re-inventing the wheel there. What we're giving you in addition is a ton of different possibilities to interact with the environment, that add another layer of tactics and depth to combat.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Q: Would I be able to create Demon and Beastmen characters or if I create a Beastmen I can't create another character from another race? If I decide to play Beastmen just because I only want to PVE, would I have to PVP if demons travel to Arboreus or its prohibited to pvp in Arboreus?

    A: You can have different characters of different races at the same time. If Demons travel to certain regions of Arboreus, they can attack you, but they'll be a lot weaker than they are on Tartaros because of their Evil alignment, which is rejected by Arboreus. Additionally, the environment (NPCs) will react against them. In sum, you'll be entirely safe in some areas and quite safe in the others as well.

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    Q: Is "Fist Combat" going to be a thing in this game (as in a skill tree or something that allows you to deal lots of damage with em)?

    A: It will be. You can fight unarmed and there are plenty of abilities specifically for that.

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    Q: Will the kickstarter announcement be given by email as well as in forum and discord?

    A: Of course. It will also be announced on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Reddit) and on the press.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Thanks to shared your questions and their answers 🙂

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @esher said in Discord questions and answers.:

    Thanks to shared your questions and their answers 🙂

    Those weren't my questions. 😉 just the full list of questions answered by Prometheus.

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    Another question & answer from Discord:

    Q: Is there an objective to demons invading other worlds besides causing havoc/pvp? As in would it be possible for demons to steal merchants trade items or deny other worlds a world boss/event?

    A: There are no limits to what demons can do when they invade other planets. A demon player or guild can give itself any kind of objective - be it pillaging villages, murdering and looting, or disrupting PvE events. The only areas safe from demon activities are the ones on Arboreus entirely closed off to characters with Evil alignment.

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