A pony express delivery ?


    Hi all, it will be an ingame postmail or we'll need to meet a character to give the item ? Or could we use some players in a Pony Express Delivery Society (or merchant) to deliver the letter versus money if delivered in time ?


    Weird. Had a quick search, but couldn't find an answer to this.

    Short version is that I'm not sure, but I would expect the answer to be no as I think that falls a little to close into the realm of banks and auction houses relative to the design goal of making players actually have to interact with each other.

    On the other hand, eve-style courier contracts seem like they might not be a great fit either.

    Would be interested to hear from the devs on this one. 🙂


    @gofrit Passive income with kurierstube... hmmm. Then his workers must be well armed. Depending on the value of the goods, orders will be taken by couriers according to ranks (equipment, knowledge, etc.). Perhaps there would even be a Guild. For example, a conditional contract with the courier would be issued that upon delivery from point A to point B he would be paid for the service (advances are possible). With guilds with a good reputation, you would trust the new solo / unknown users would be hard to trust, as they would just be able to steal everything you gave them. So in the Guild-Couriers would be set rules, prices, grades were evaluated would experience raboch. With beginners would have required to make a large contribution, so you do not steal from customers the goods (Of course over time, this contribution was given, but until you earn a good reputation, do not expect anything like that). So guilds will be able preserve its reputation. In General, a Lot to figure out. All this is just a thought taken from nothing without much thought.


    can postal's be looted?


    @jetah I think it would all be made out in a living, or in the house of the Guild of couriers. So if you have the ability to somehow steal the Guild, probably Yes...
    In the living in the sense that you are in the Guild place an order, and then when you find the right courier, you will be contacted and your goods will be delivered.


    Happy to see a debate 😀.
    @KairosVal I checked before to post and find nothing... that's why i wrote it!
    @muker I had pushed the idea like yourself... beginning with one intermediary guy payed to go to point A to B like a postman.
    You could also think like a guild master to force a newbee to go on a guild quest :

    You must go here to give this box at our healer in the front line, be diligent ! Take care of this box and look to you environment on the path to him/her".

    It could also add some fun to pvp players (thief/merchant-like gameplay)

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