July 3rd Survival & Travel Q&A: List Your Questions

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi everyone!

    Got a few questions about survival elements and the meaning of travel in Fractured? Interested in having me replying to them, live? You're in luck - the 2nd Fractured live Q&A is coming!

    I'm going to be live on YouTube on Tuesday, July 3rd, from 10pm CEST (4pm EDT / 1pm PDT). Over the course of an hour or so, I'll be your fully dedicated answering robot!

    So, wait no more: start posting all your questions here! Don't feel limited, ask me whatever comes to your mind related to the survival elements and travel in Fractured - a topic that has been discussed in past spotlights such as this one, but not mentioned often enough since then.


    • Don't make more than one post
    • It's fine if your questions are complex, but please post questions, not essays!
    • ...and no more than 2 or 3, please 😉
    • Also, split them clearly if you got more than one.
    • This is a dedicated question thread. Don't start discussing with your fellow community members!

    To tune in, just click on this YouTube link a few minutes before the time announced above - we can chat a little before the Q&A session begins!

    Thank you all and... see you soon!

    – Jacopo


    Ohhh, I'm excited about next Q&A!

    My questions will be:

    What will be the limits of traveling, so that it feels "natural"? Do we get a Travel Carry limit, so that we have to be careful with the Materials that we collect while expeditions?

    For survival i would like to have some Elements like Hunger/Thirst, Temperatures and Weather, Diseases.
    What elements you want to implement?

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    That is a nice info 🙂 I am also looking forward to it and hope I can join 🙂

    Since travelling will be the feature I am looking with most emphasis on, I have many questions and my fantasy creates many ideas 😄 So I am looking forward to the stream 🙂

    So I don't know how to clarify a clear question, I will wait for the stream.
    Just two questions: What kind of "survival kits" will be available? So how to craft food food ant tents in the field? As I read, it will be linked to abilities and Knowledge, how safe you can rest, but are there also other abilities?

    And how will work the mapping? Do I need special items to map? Like pens/empty maps e.g.?

    Thank you in advance and see you soon on the stream 🙂

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Will the day/night cycle affect players / the environment in an impactfull way? (like evil alignments getting a boost in power at night, but a small debuff during the day, and the same for npc's / monsters. Or spawns being bound to a certain clock time)


    Edit: I just saw the theme is about traveling and survival, sorry 🙂

    I'm a bit worried about the PvE planet so I have 2 questions:

    • If gear is not that important, then how will raid bosses/world events etc.. reward you? Will these PvE events give participating players crafting mats and/or money

    • Where will Arboreus players be working too, what are the general goals people on that planet will work too, is there any kind of progress?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. What is the process for traveling to another planet, and how does it differ for demons?

    2. How viable is it to survive off the land? By this I mean, when venturing out will I be able to hunt/forage food and use natural water sources instead of having to bring a lot of supplies with me (assuming I'm not going to some type of desert)?

    3. Do survival mechanics differ for each race and sub race?


    1. How big will the planets themselves be? How long does it take to travel from one place to another on the same planet?

    2. How long will it take to travel from one planet to foreign planet and how long can different races travel on foreign planets?

    3. Will there be fast-travel implemented?

    Thanks in advance for answering and hosting this Q&A 🙂


    how does it effect changing your alignment on traveling debuff and buff ? for example: beastman that changed his alignment and karma from good to neutral, will he suffer debuff on beastman planet ? or on human planet ?

    can you become neutral beastman ? without being abomination ?


    pretty cool thing to do


    Will there be ships?


    Will there be any form of fast travel and what will its limitations be?

    How will traveling with housing work?

    Will there be carry limits and how will that work?


    If one race/alignment opens a stargate on one planet leading to another, can others use this as well and are they bidirectional? (E.g. evil human opens stargate to Tartaros, can good Beastman use that to go from Syndesia to Tartaros as well and can Demons use that to go from Tartaros to Syndesia)


    1. Will we have a mechanic to offer rewards to goods moved from one location to another? IE can I offer 100g to get 50kg moved from city a to city b with a deposit incase the courier is killed?
    2. Can we travel a few long time without food, a few days without water or will we need to take a bit of food for every step we take? -I'd like that HP wouldn't drop if we don't eat for a few game weeks but maybe another stat could be reduced. Water can be a week tops then negatives start.


    1. What political tools you will provide us for make alliances, enemies etc even for guilds under same race, as well administration tools like different access rights/logs/taxation

    2. How you gonna balance the risk/reward between pve and pvp zones, i have seen many sandbox try this since ultima online time (trammel, felucca) and most recently albion with yellow-red-black zones and they all failed becouse people have tendency to go for the safest zone

    3. What will be your policy regards, scam, betrays, disband etc, eve online even made a teaser about a guy infiltrating an alliance and then robbing them. Albion was very happy to spotlight this kind of stories, what will happen if a guild for example lose a city cause "metagaming" ?


    1. Could you please elaborate on hunger and thirst of characters. (How often will we need to eat? Is there a thirst level? Will diseases affect hunger/thirst? etc...)

    2. Could you please elaborate on food/drink items themselves. (How long will one item of food/drink sustain your character? How heavy will food/drink items be, i.e. how much can you carry? Will they spoil? etc...)

    3. Will you only be able to cook a limited amount of items at a campfire? Or will I be able to cook the same things at the campfire as I can cook in town?


    Will there be a log out timer with a decent duration, so that players can not quickly log out and escape the danger that way?

    After player closes the client (ALT+F4), how long will his character stay online before disappearing from the game world? Will this happen quickly, or will character remain for a while so that closing the client isn't used to escape the incoming danger?


    how will farming, IE growing carrots, work? and will non land owners be able to grow crops?

  • 🦆🦆 QUACK QUACK 🦆 🦆

    1. Is there any ducks anywhere in the game? 🦆 😁 😇

    2. Do you know long it takes to travel the whole of each planet?

    3. What's the quickest way to travel around each planet?


    Really glad to know that travel will be meaningful (and by proxy, make the things you do meaningful!)

    It may have been talked about somewhere before, but how large is the world map, and what would be the expected travel time from one end to the other on foot? (Assuming nothing would stop you along the way, and not counting rest stops 🙂

    My dream would be a world so large, that you may in fact not be able to get your goods to another location in the scope of one play session.

    Speaking of... do you have any plans for offline character actions (allowing is to try to travel long distances while offline?) If your character is interfered with, an app alert could push out to a mobile device, giving you an option to respond.

    Question Summary:

    1. How long would it take to walk on foot across the world map?
    2. Do you have any plans for offline character actions, such as travel?


    What role does food play with survival? As in is it required, or does it just provide buffs.

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