Looking for a guild to join.


    Im looking for a guild to join. Any suggestions?


    dont worry about it right now as there isn't much to do. but there should be a search, somewhere for guilds.


    Don't join a guild until you get to know a few of the people in them first. It's always the most fun to play with people you like. (I don't recruit for mine, I just steal all of Specter's problem children)

    I recommend joining the discord as well as being active in the forums. I prefer discord as you can actually chat with people. It's been relatively quiet lately, but you do get a good feel for people there, more so than here.

    But definitely pick out people who you like, you can click "follow" on their profile so that when they post, it notifies you. That way if someone seems to have a decent head on their shoulders, you can find out what guild they're in, and then look at posts from other guild mates and see if it's a good fit.

    Ideally, people will find good people that they like. Sadly, until the game actually starts, you're not going to know if they're going to be fun people to actually play with too. So if you do pick one now, don't be afraid to guild hop later if it turns out once the game starts to be a bad fit.

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