July 16th Crafting & Building Q&A: List Your Questions

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi everyone!

    Got a few questions about crafting and the building in Fractured? Interested in having me replying to them, live? You're in luck - the 3rd Fractured live Q&A is coming!

    I'm going to be live on YouTube on Monday, July 16th, from 10pm CEST (4pm EDT / 1pm PDT). Over the course of an hour or so, I'll be your fully dedicated answering robot!

    So, wait no more: start posting all your questions here! Don't feel limited, ask me whatever comes to your mind related to crafting and building in Fractured - the best preamble to the much awaited spotlights on player-made towns!


    • Don't make more than one post
    • It's fine if your questions are complex, but please post questions, not essays!
    • ...and no more than 2 or 3, please 😉
    • Also, split them clearly if you got more than one.
    • This is a dedicated question thread. Don't start discussing with your fellow community members!

    To tune in, just click on this YouTube link a few minutes before the time announced above - we can chat a little before the Q&A session begins!

    Thank you all and... see you soon!

    – Jacopo

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Will it be possible to destroy player house?
    Will it be possible to help someone build the house (actual building, not gathering materials)?

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    How big can the buildings be?

    How close can another player build something next to my building?

    1. How are crafting recipes and blueprints acquired?

    2. Will there be a difference between experienced crafters and new crafters? (i.e. will there be a reason to specialize in crafting?)

    3. How does claiming land work? Is there a plot system?

  • Wiki Editor

    Looking at kickstarter rewards there are buildings from Cottages to Castles, which indicates there are different sized plots. Are there a fixed amount of each? Or is it build where your building fits?

    How many crafting specialties are planned and what are they (i.e. metal smith, carpenter, tanning, leather work, etc.)?

    Will there be different "levels" to crafting (i.e. apprentice, journeyman, master)?


    1. Is your house (and garden) a safe spot or can someone kill you there?

    2. Are houses built from some materials harder to destroy then houses built from some other materials?

    3. Do houses built from some materials decay at slower rate then houses built from some other materials?


    1. what is the items effects in the game ?
    2. can you create items with rare effects ? if so how you do it ?


    @prometheus Please use the microphone from the first stream, it showed itself much better in terms of quality (I'm talking about subtitles)


    Will there be a limit on how many different crafting professions a character can have?

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    What kinds of buildings can be built other than houses?


    This post is deleted!


    @Flamerunner During the first stream, all the subtitles were on time and smoothly, and during the second problem began with 30-40 minutes. And when the Prometheus (if it is, I still don't understand) left a minute and a half (59-61) all this time there were subtitles with the translation, which was to be over three minutes ago.

    Yes sorry you said no spam here but I wanted to point out the obvious problems to this person.


    1 Will I be able to build multi-level buildings?
    2 If so how tall?


    Question #1: How overpowered will Guilds be owning majority of the buildings around the worlds/ How easy would it be for groups of Solos to take back some of that power and how long?

    Question #2: Will there be crafted items, that require high amounts of god worship to create?


    This post is deleted!


    1. How does house upkeep work for players without NPC carpenters and how many buildings can one player own?

    2. Will NPC carpenters use your gathered ressources for house upkeep or can they do so without any need of ressources? If they need ressources what will happen if there are none left; what is the advantage of carpenters?

    3. How many buildings are needed to become a city with its own govenor? Can everyone become a govenor?


    Curious about how land plots will be in game, or claiming land for building.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    my issue goes a little further than craft. when a game proposes such a great freedom of creation for the players, one expects an immense volume of diverse items created. for this to become efficient, it takes a large, independent and efficient commercial network among the players. what is the developers proposal for this question?

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    on the creation of equipment, I wonder if there will be a progression of level, based on the type and scarcity of materials in the world of Fractured. I also want to know if there will be a system of increasing attributes through gems and other devices, something that I consider extremely harmful, with great potential for unevenness among players.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    it seems obvious to me that knowledge will directly affect the player's ability to create. but I have doubts about the charisma. Will there be restriction of creation on the players, depending on the level of charisma? Sorry for the amount of questions, I could not help it. I have other questions, but we'll see you next Monday.

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