Tessitura, a Guild in Poliponi (town)


    Hello, I am Dordolio, Bard Extraordinare, Governor of Poliponi and I would like to invite any of you to (at least check out) my guild of musical entrepeneurs, songwriters, storytellers, weapons and instrument makers, artists, painter, designers and all other forms of Art.... (yes swordplay is a form of art, the sound of battle and the flow of dance art to combat.... https://fracturedmmo.com/guild-profile/id/2003/

    As Governor I would also extend the offer to other guilds and players to see if Poliponi will be a town to live in.
    Talk to me if you have plans to build a Tavern, a Inn or run a guild or whatever else would fit the plans of a new town. I am certain that we can work out some great plans! let me hear your plans (this forum, my website, our discord)

    OOC: I am going to advance my pledge from Governor to as high as I can get it. As there are many unknown details about the future and the details of city planning (or more) are not yet known to me I am only gathering players to think and plan with me. If possible I will push my pledge up to a kingdom. (as I wanted in Chronicles of Elyria, but decided not to do so due to expectations of the game.)


    i guess a guild town wont really work with justme in my guild..


    @dordolio If you're having trouble finding guild members, you can try to reach out to people who you play with in other games. If that doesn't work out, try to change your guild description to make it more appealing to other players. You seem to be emphasizing on the musician part of your guild a lot, so if a player doesn't read the guild description carefully, they may get the impression that Tessitura is only for music-oriented players.


    @wolfkomodo46 Hi Wolf, thanks for your time and answer.
    i did have my starting kingdom in Chronicles of Elyria, several guildies from other games joined in CoE and spend a lot of money (im in for 3k).
    My best guess is that they are not moving over... It's not a big issue however.
    I have options.

    1. start as a free town. (probably need to find a supporting guild that likes to support the town and allow me as a governer, not kicking me out just because they can orp out of boredom 😉 )
    2. rally up people. howver i am then like all other one man guilds. (slim chance because everyone wants to be a guildleader, however, not impossible.)
      as incentive i think or hope to be able to give perks to people as mayor. (i also hope to start with some advantage in town)
    3. Join another guild, abandoning my self made guild. My problem with that is mostly that i am not willing to build my town according to guild rules and stipulations because win-loose etc. which makes things complicated.)

    Probably time will flesh out more options and i will get more ideas, currently there is not much to go on. So far i just keep a note of people who are interested and the more they are 'with' me the more i am going to invest in their ideas.

    again, thansk for the suggestion 🙂


    so far as town i am going great. enough members and perhaps a few more to join.
    I also have a few members in my guild and i am pondering... shall i do a larger giveaway after this alpha? or do a giveaway during the alpha for members in my guild?
    I don't think that having a town with guild management would be something for Poliponi. But as inhabitants of Poliponi and as members in my guild... let me hear it.

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