July 24th Housing & Towns Q&A: List Your Questions

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    Hi everyone!

    Got a few questions about housing and player-run towns in Fractured? Interested in having me replying to them, live? You're in luck - the 5th Fractured live Q&A is coming!

    I'm going to be live on YouTube on Tuesday, July 24th, from 10pm CEST (4pm EDT / 1pm PDT). Over the course of an hour or so, I'll be your fully dedicated answering robot!

    So, wait no more: start posting all your questions here! Don't feel limited, ask me whatever comes to your mind related to housing and towns in Fractured! A helpful spotlight to read before asking questions:

    Feature Spotlight #7 - Towns, Governors & Politics


    • Don't make more than one post
    • It's fine if your questions are complex, but please post questions, not essays!
    • ...and no more than 2 or 3, please 😉
    • Also, split them clearly if you got more than one.
    • This is a dedicated question thread. Don't start discussing with your fellow community members!

    To tune in, just click on this YouTube link a few minutes before the time announced above - we can chat a little before the Q&A session begins!

    Thank you all and... see you soon!

    – Jacopo


    Can you run fewer streams? I still have the time codes to do xD
    Can you still return the subtitles?


    what is the minimum amount of player houses needed so that settlement can actually get the status of a town and a governor to rule it?

    I'm guessing that just 2 players putting houses together and one of them being governor wouldn't work. 🙂


    I want to know a bit more about decorative elements, how free we are able to decorate the houses and towns or will the townplaces (market, production places and so on) all look same in each town.


    1. Are you giving the "voted out" people a chance to keep their stuff. This is otherwise prone to scamming ...

    2. How will siege handle ownership of buildings, etc.

    3. Will assests be frozen, when a siege is engaged. So that the towns governour can't take everything out and run with his guild, just to comeback later and retake the city without any monetary loses, when the attacking guild deems it not worthy to defend .. or can't as they got no income yet.

  • Will housing give players any of the following:

    1. Spawnpoint

    2. Secure inventory space

    3. Lockable doors to trap players and kill them

    4. Any real gameplay/PvP advantages over poor people who don't own a house?


    1. What happens if (eternal KS-)Guild-Govenor turns his/her back on city's political ideal, will everyone else has to change their ideals or need to leave town to "accept" this change?

    2. Can citizens start (political) riots to make Govenors leave "earlier" as well or only by votes?

    3. Will KS-(Guild-)Govenors reclaim "their" city, after they lost it, due to not being active, when they are back online? In other words: Can KS Govenors lose their title completely or will they always have the possibility to become/stay a Govenor right away if they want to?

  • Wiki Editor

    Will a guild town turn into a Hamlet after losing enough prestige and thus oust the current Governor? If so, wouldn't that "disconnect" the town (now a hamlet) from the guild so they would have to start over to claim it?

    Can we build roads between towns (if so how does it work with the neutral areas)? And will doing so help the prestige of the towns? Will commerce between towns help prestige of them?

    What sort of activities make citizens "eligible" to vote and/or be a candidate?


    @kellewic said in July 24th Housing & Towns Q&A: List Your Questions:

    Will a guild town turn into a Hamlet after losing enough prestige and thus oust the current Governor? If so, wouldn't that "disconnect" the town (now a hamlet) from the guild so they would have to start over to claim it?

    Follow up question:
    Roughly how much time do you guesstimate would be required to keep a town on it's prestige level (preventing it from going back to Hamlet)?


    If a player decide to change / move his house, how does it work? (ex : move to another town, or upgrade the house?)
    Do you need to destroy the house? or can you sell it?
    How to unclaim a land?


    For player run towns will it be a "one person rules all" or will there be multiple ways to rule?

    1. How are house blueprints acquired and are they tradeable?

    2. Is there anything to differentiate metropolises and villages besides population/activity? (for example, special buildings or technological upgrades)

    3. Would it be possible for a small guild to build up to and maintain a metropolis by themselves just from prestige generating activity or is there a minimum population requirement for a metropolis?


    Can we build in our town sth. like a tavern?


    Will there be some mechanic for players to have their houses guarded while they are away? NPC guards or guard animals perhaps?

    Will all player homes be built with pre-determined layouts or will there be any flexibility to allow player creativity in the size, layout, or appearance of homes?

    What are you ideas on how PCs will campaign for Governor? Will there be a 'board' in game where you can post your campaign ideology or do you have to spend time in-game to give speeches?

    Will it be obvious when a haunted area is cleared so that it can then be civilized?

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Besides houses, can we have other constructions, with NPC profile, for example? Constructions that allow players to offer craft services and upgrades to other players? Or will the player's own house have a role like this, can I make my home my workshop, and offer services to other players?

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    • Since town areas are predefined, are all towns on Arboreus located in the non-PVP zone, or will latecomers to the game have to build towns in the PVP enabled area?

    • Since you can only build on one spot, does that mean you have to choose between a residential home and a shop?

    • Are the buildings that serve as crafting stations owned by the town? Example - Does a specific person own the blacksmith shop and charge a fee, or is any citizen of the town welcome to use it? If they are privately owned, do you only get the crafting shop and no residence?


    Not sure if this is a Races/Planets question, or a Housing/Towns question. Will ask in both places, please ignore in whichever Q&A thread it doesn't apply. 🙂

    How will NPC town defenders work on Tartaros?

    In Syndesia and Arboreus it makes sense, they have a crime system and the NPCs can respond to the crime system. But Tartaros is lawless. So how will town defense work in the absence of a crime system?


    1. Can a player ever control more than one town? Will there be kingdoms and empires?

    2. How does conquering towns work? For that matter, how do armies work?

    3. What exactly does "haunted" mean in the context of towns? The spotlight never really explained it.


    How does a guard protect a town (do they teleport to people asking for help and automatically kill the offender, or do they have to walk somewhere and actually put up a fight in which they can be defeated)?


    1 - Could we have more than 1 house in a town ? (1 house by character or 1 by account KS source)
    1 - Could we have a possibility to upgrade a house (Cottage->Villa->Manor) ?
    2 - Could we build temple for God ?
    3 - If I want to open a tavern, could I rent some bed to some player ?
    4 - In my tavern, could I sell lunch (by NPC) ?

    Thx and bocca al lupo !

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