Help me think of a new title for...


    ... a playlist i just made for a special lady. So all of the back story isn't needed so I'll cut to the chase.

    I made a playlist with a hidden message in it spelling out how I feel about our current situation. The current title of said playlist is "A Robot In Disguise". The thought here is the transformers song will pop in her head and she'll think more than meets the eye. Problem is I think it may be too vague of a hint and the message won't be something that is easily stumbled upon because it is kind of long. Any thoughts of a new title for the playlist that represents a "clue" in a sense without being too obvious that there is a hidden message, like "There is a message in this playlist"?


    I'm jumping to some very stereotyped conclusions based on very little information here. I don't really know anything about you or your situation, so I apologize in advance if I've got the wrong idea or have misjudged the situation. If I do get it wrong, I beg forgiveness on grounds that my mistake is grounded in ignorance.

    I am assuming that this is a lady that you already know reasonably well, are not in a professional relationship with, and are not currently in a romantic relationship with. But that you would like to be in a romantic relationship with said lady.

    If that is the scenario, then I'd go with something like: Hey, I wanted to talk to you about something. I like you. Would you like to go on a date with me sometime?

    Embrace the emotional vulnerability of talking about your feelings simply, honestly and directly.

    Doing so is actually a win/win scenario. A 'yes' is good, obviously. But even a 'no' is good, because at that point you know to emotionally disinvest and get on with your life, which leaves you smarter and better off than you were before. And I can't think of a single one of my friends-who-are-also-ladies that would respect a man less just because he communicated his feelings clearly and politely.

    Hidden messages are for scavenger hunts, not relationships. Stop overthinking things and just do it.

    If you ignore this and go with the playlist idea: FFS don't use the transformers reference. I've been a transformers fan since I was a kid in the 80's and even I wouldn't have picked up on what you were getting at.

    Again: Apologies if I have misconstrued the situation.


    While ordinarily I would agree with most of what you said, I guess the back story would have been important to the advice portion of your message lol. The reason I wanted it to be a message like this is because I'm not in a particular rush to actually be in a relationship because we both recently got out of relationships, mine in particular ending in a divorce.
    The message is basically I'm glad we're friends now but if you want to be more at some point I'll be here.
    I do appreciate your quick response and advice given though so thank you for that.

    On a side note I decided to rename the playlist
    Playlist In A Bottle.


    "Playlist in a Bottle"

    Much better. 🙂

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    @teeboned "Human after all", "Something about us", ... just check whatever Daft Punk's song (and the lyrics) and see what fit. Their music fit almost every situations of my life.

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