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    So thanks to the community i now understand good aligned characters cannot hurt good aligned characters. So, is there friendly fire on Arboreus? Does one need to switch to neutral or evil to enable friendly fire?

    So in the linked video we see Pro(metheus) hurting his friend with friendly fire. Pro actually hurts him several times in the video. Now, I am taking facts not in evidence (assumptions). I'm assuming they are in the same party if not even the same guild, yet they still have friendly fire which is a great game mechanic. However, while theory crafting my healer, it occurred to me that I cannot AOE heal in large PvP conflicts, because I would heal my enemy.

    If neutral and evil aligned characters can attack each other at any time, how are these massive raids during eclipses take place? Only good characters can AOE DPS and AOE Heal? They cant hurt one another so no worries of friendly fire. And again, fact not in evidence, I'm assuming a good character would never heal an evil one... So AOE Healing should be fine also.

    Just trying to get a firm grasps on the benefits and limitations of each alignment before choosing.

    EDIT: and even if there is an alliance flag or party flag which prevents friendly fire... When demons raid during the eclipse you would think they are part of various guilds. So friendly fire would still take place on a large scale. However, good guilds once again would be unable to harm each other with friendly fire and in theory function as a much larger entity, while remaining in separate guilds.

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    Don't think there is FF on Arboreus. Will see how mass pvp turns out. I wonder the same thing with the invasions.

  • I'm pretty sure good characters are entirely incapable of harming each other with friendly fire, because then that would allow good characters to kill each other, which would seemingly make good or neutral redundant. But yeah, I can forsee a lot of issues arising from having different friendly fire rules for the alignments. I started a friendly fire thread awhile back where this was talked about



    Really good point! I wanna know, too. 🙂


    Well it said you can't kill each other, but it could be that he was losing endurance in the video, if I'm correct, you only lose HP once incapacitated, which is after you lose your endurance.


    holy aligned characters can attack good player on the human planet. it's the only way for them to become evil aligned.


    "I'm a good guy! I'll cast this huge fire spell and if any innocent get hurt it's not my fault."

    I like the idea of not-selective AOE. Players will have to be more cautious in using them to maintain good alignment. An evil character wouldn't care anyway. Unfortunately most games' mechanics don't go that deep in role-playing.

    I want to know how Fractured will manage this, too.

  • @jetah said in Friendly Fire:

    holy aligned characters can attack good player on the human planet. it's the only way for them to become evil aligned.

    PvE is supposed to be the primary way to change karma.

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    @jetah i'm pretty sure that if you're not alignment locked you can always turn neutral from good even if your karma is huge 😉 and as neutral char you can start being mischievous and naughty 🙂

    @topic 😉
    The term Friendly Fire is a bit misleading here as the good alignment lock will stop you from attacking good or neutral opponents as well. While it might be hard to imagine good attacker what stops evil group from getting good or neutral healer that would be safe from at least part of the damage. And if by any chance you have evil player in your group he should be hit by your AoE just fine.

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    I do think they need to be careful about different rules. It may be easier for them to leave it off, if the other option results in impact to the good alignment of the players. I say that because, if that is what would happen, it would only be expected to see various 'good' characters who had the goal of being hit.

    After all, people are why people can't have nice things.


    Friendly fire please , nothing better then a stab in the back


    I understand why Arboreus can't have friendly fire, but I hope that the lack of friendly gets limited solely to Arboreus, regardless of characters alignment.

    So for example friendly fire is activated for everyone on Syndesia and Tartaros, even between good aligned characters.

    This is how good aligned characters still get to play in safety on Arboreus should they chose to, but there is no advantage for good aligned players over evil aligned players in mass fights on Syndesia and Tartaros.

    This is the only way I see this working without too many balance issues.

    (Good aligned players still keep the advantage on Arboreus, but I guess that's just life. It's hard to perfectly balance everything.)

    (Or perhaps Arboreus could turn off friendly fire for everyone.)

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    @gothix I think it's balanced by the fact that good chars cannot attack neutrals before they hit them (if I remember correctly they can fight back - not sure). Many evil chars should be able to switch to neutral and in big fights you can go without getting Thief or Murderer. Then the good chars will be in disadvantage.


    on the beast planet all friendly fire is turned off. it's impossible to do.
    on the human|demon planet it's on unless you're in a group

    that's stupid, imo.

    we better not have alignment locks. it should always float depending on your actions.

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    Honestly I do think that once a battle is going, friendly fire should be on, my concern remains though. What is to prevent people with ulterior motives (and we all know that the people who do these things exist) from abusing that? AKA, there also needs to be a look at what happens when people start jumping into the path on purpose to disrupt a side, while not officially on the other side.

    So long as the devs are willing to work to fix any problems coming from that, friendly fire is a good thing. Having to decide what to use, and when, and where to aim is much better than just 'Spam!!!'

    A lot of that potential for abuse depends on targeting and detonation methods (whether you can just step in front of an aoe and make it boom on 'friendlies'). So long as the developers pay attention to that as a potential issue, I'm cool with this.


    I like the idea of friendly fire, but in certain situations it can become very annoying, so I prefer that in groups it is not possible for one friend to harm the other. ✌


    wasn't friendly fire enabled in the video previews?


    it's already been decided though. for one this game will not have a pvp flag because everyone is already flagged.

    beast planet will not have FF.
    human and demon will.

    because it's the human planet which has it.

    it's already like that.

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    @jetah said in Friendly Fire:

    we better not have alignment locks. it should always float depending on your actions.

    Beastman on Arboreus, Angels and Abominations will have alignment locked.

    And is it really no FF on Arboreus? Even for evil characters? I understood that it will be alignment based not planet base but maybe I was wrong...


    @tulukaruk said in Friendly Fire:

    Many evil chars should be able to switch to neutral

    Unfortunately they can't. You need to have high karma to be able to do so.

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