What is the punishment for death?

  • Just found this game, and thought it looked pretty good! However, I did not see what the punishment for perishing is, which I was wondering after reading on the PvP planet. Unless I simply did not look in the correct location. Thanks!

  • As far as I've seen, potentially losing the items on you is the only consequence. There are two "death states" because there are two health bars. Endurance is your primary health, it's what most attacks will do damage to. When you lose all endurance your character is knocked unconscious and will get back up after some time. When unconscious, your inventory can be looted by other players, but looting is considered a hostile action and is thus limited by the alignment system (good players can't loot other good or non-flagged neutral players, etc.)

    You have a second healthbar (health), which is what gets damaged when all endurance is lost. When a characters loses all health, it dies and its inventory and equipped items can be looted, and the same alignment restrictions apply on looting.

    PvE enemies also have alignment and follow a similar ruleset. Good aligned mobs won't kill unconscious players, but evil things probably will.

  • @target Alright, thanks for the information, I appreciate it!

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