curious on thoughts for game


    ive read a little on the game whats everyones thoughts on it hopes for it too?


    This will be my side game, so I'm hoping it is entertaining enough when I need to take a break from my main MMO.


    I really hope Fractured will provide an interesting and engagin experience similar to the old UO (at the time of AoS expansion pack), where there was freedom of choice and a friendly environment that suited everyone allowing them to do what pleased them the most.

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    I am hopeful it will be great, but they have a ton of work to do before we can get a better feel for how the game will end up being. Basically sounds good on paper.


    @bandalone What are your thoughts about the game?

    Maybe then we can write something new or repeat us self.
    But it is always hard to answer on someones question, if we not know the questioners thoughts.

    We not even know, in which direction we should share our thoughts, because there are so much different ones.

    So, what you think about the game, when you was reading now "a little about it"? 😉


    I'm very curious to see how their anti-grinding philosophy works out in practice. Will linear progression have that "just-one-more-turn" feel, or will it be its own kind of drag?


    My greatest hope is that this game will allow players to advance decently at a casual pace. As a student, like many others with jobs and such, I will not have tons of time to pour into grinds. I want to be able to explore and grow in this game and not fall unbelievably behind those who can afford the extra time.


    I'm curious how they will handle progress in the form of knowledge. Having no skills is an interesting concept, but I also need to feel accomplishment and progress in a game to stay.

    Should mention, I'm largely a solo player with a small group of friends. Owning land and conquering territory with a bunch of meat shields isn't really emergent gameplay for me.

    This is largely a game I hope to follow while I wait 10 years for Star Citizen and Dual Universe lol.

  • I have high hopes for the skill system. Three versions of 400 skills + attributes + traits + race + equipment sounds like a theory crafting dream.


    Yep, me too. It's different though, and you never know how it will turn out until you have a product in your hand.

    Thankfully, Fractured probably doesn't need some crazy technology innovations to get it in our hands. All innovations are purely from a design perspective. IIRC. To make a great game, you don't need to punch through technological crazy barriers. Cough

    I'm sure there are hurdles to overcome, but hopefully nothing "too" crazy on that side of things.


    It's really simple for me.

    I require something very specific from an MMO to enjoy it.
    Horizontal progression, achievement-based unlocks, area of strict PvE, almost one-toon-all-classes, challenge of ascending to Angelhood - all of these features are nice bonuses. But if that something very specific is not present, I literally won't enjoy the game. Believe me, I tried to do that with many MMOs.

    Prometheus said Dynamight cares about that specific thing.
    This means that out of all upcoming MMOs that I have on my list, it makes Fractured the second* most likely game to deliver lifelike enjoyable active aggressive mobs. And since Dynamight seems to have a very sane and solid development plan, this is also the most likely MMO to come out (unlike EverQuest Next) and to come out the way it was promised (unlike Firefall).

    And that's why I'm sticking to it.
    (Plus that at the moment I have very controlled budget and little time, so I can't really laborously sieve through other MMOs right now.)

    * The first being Em-8ER, which is better because it's also a successor to Firefall's beta, and also worse because the head of the project, the (in)famous visionary behind Firefall's beta, silver-tongued Mark "a film studio and a bus" Kern is already showing some small red flags. And they might or might not be indicative of bigger issues.


    I do not know how to explain exactly my thoughts about the fractured one, but basically I felt that the game has good potential, and will be able to make me spend some good hours of the day amusing myself. ✌

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    @zidroc Amen. I'm done with school (unless/until starting Master's), but my work schedule's pretty full.


    @pluto 10 years is pretty generous for Star Citizen release lol. Not seeing that game until it's featured for the PlayStation X release, the worlds most immersive completely VR gaming experience


    I'm really looking forward to settlement management and skill systems 😄


    Not to derail it too much, but I'm not so sure. I do still follow SC development, and it seems like they've completely scaled back what they are planning for "release". No longer will release require 100 systems, and absolutely everything implemented.

    Will people probably be disappointed in the release? Most definitely. But once again, the only reason I'm not playing SC right now... is the fact that there isn't any permanent progression in the game.

    It's kind of weird how progression matters so much to me 😜


    @pluto said in curious on thoughts for game:

    Not to derail it too much,

    No, no, feel free to speak, I'm sure this will tie back to Fractured somehow.

    @pluto said in curious on thoughts for game:

    [Star Citizen] no longer will release require 100 systems, [...]

    Hold on, as in

    • 100 game systems (ie. bunches of interconnected mechanics),
    • or 100 star systems (ie. bunches of big space rocks going around a neverending explosion of NUCLEAR FIRE)?

    It's a bit ambigious in space-opera-themed games. 😜

    @pluto said in curious on thoughts for game:

    But once again, the only reason I'm not playing SC right now... is the fact that there isn't any permanent progression in the game.

    It's kind of weird how progression matters so much to me 😜

    Aha! Fractured has horizontal progression, so having some sort of progression is important in an MMO even if power level always stays the same. I think that's an important observation.
    (See? I told you it would tie back.)



    100 star systems was the original plan for the release of Star Citizen. Along with all of the working game mechanics... so salvaging, mining, trading, medical, etc...

    However, they've recently modified the release a good deal. From my understanding they want to release around the time that their instancing technology allows them to have one universe with a bunch of instances through their meshing technology. Now, that technology is a long way out so I imagine a lot will be completed by then.

    It's actually pretty interesting when you think about it. Both Star Citizen and Fractured are relatively horizontal when it comes to progression. Granted, in SC you can get a better ship... obviously someone with a starter ship isn't going to be as combat viable as someone in some beefy fighter. However, granted.. in Fractured there is "knowledge" which allows for a wider playing base... albeit it's horizontal. Remains to be seen how equipment will be handled in Fractured as well right? Will a T0 weapon be less viable than T4 etc.

    No leveling skills in SC either of course 😜


    @pluto said in curious on thoughts for game:

    Will a T0 weapon be less viable than T4 etc.

    They are no tiers weapons in Fractured 🙂 only adaptable weapon with no characteristic bonus on it (like +1 int or +2 for), it's what we know for now


    Right, tier was really a generic term. But a weapon with +1 int is inherently worse than the same base with +2 int. Right? Maybe it will be negligible, but once again... we'll have to see. And that's where I think it differs from SC. In SC equipment really matters.

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