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    I'm an American. With a European company, sometimes my cc is a bit touchy. For Albion Online, I've had to resort to PayPal because Visa decided that it's suspicious to pay to a German company. PayPal is fine, but I'd rather use my regular CC. Any Americans here who have encountered this issue with Fractured when trying to pay with their regular American credit card like Visa or MC? Just wondering... thanks!


    If you link your CC to PayPal, you technically pay with your CC when paying through PayPal and on top of that, you have an extra layer of security to keep your CC details safe.

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi @Voivode! The US company Xsolla collects payments for us, so that shouldn't really be an issue for any US person 🙂


    just call your bank, or use an online form if they have it, and let them know you're going to be making a charge and it'll go through. do this when you travel out of state too so your card isn't shut off while at a gas station -.- (yes this happened to me!)

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