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    I just had a very unpleasant experience in some game where all leaders say to the crowd that everything withing the guild is for free. so i worked as top guild crafter and i supply free armor and weapon for entire guild. but i found out that guild leaders did RMT and they made more then 1300 usd for two weeks. and this is one account but they had another two with unknown number of money earned. so when i gave people proves, screenshots, they just simply delete all of them and baned me from all their channels and insalted me in every possible maner. so this guild had 3 leaders and others were just a members.

    so from this experience i see that every system with small fixed amount of leaders soon or later will become spoiled and corrupted. beware of such guilds. i dont belive any guild anymore and im not gonna do anything for free anymore but we gotta organise ourselves somehow right?

    so i suggest Senate system. Leader is just one. like a GM. he has like obsolute power from technical side of it but in fact he will be a figurehead, which means that he will just do what senate will tell him to do. what is sanate? sanate forms from oldest members who is chosen by people. small and large groups of players. senate members gotta be voted. they chosen by election. lets say there are 10 places in senate (and senate decided how many cos everything decided by senate) and there are 20 condidates so people are voting and top 10 becomes a senators. elections occure time after time. they can have a debates to attract more votes. if GM is messing around then senator just tell all their voters to leave the guild and create a new one with new leader who will obey such system.

    so there are many way to go from here. maybe senate will allow for rich ones to buy votes, maybe senator will try to attract crafters to their groups to have influence on others by promising them better life or maybe there will be the only crafters representative senator who will lobby their intrests and laws for them. or maybe there will be two crafter senator and one will be pushing blacksmith interest laws and the other lamberjacks.

    to create a law one senator suggest it and then the rest just voting for it. (secretly) if more then 50% voted "yes" then this law accepted by entire guild if no then no.

    so this is basics but i think that such system will help to reduce corruption withing guilds. i dont wanna create my own guild but i hope that people will chose that guild who will have similar system to rule. people will control senators senators will control guild. if one senator will be cought of waisting common money then senate will have to vote for kick openly. if they dont vote for kicking then people start to leave this guild. in the end people will make a decisions by their partisipation.

    beware of old concept cos you can see that systems with only one ruler get spoiled by power they got. and many leaders of guilds want this - power, but this is dectatorship.

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    @boogis very sad story at the beginning is a pity that it is made up, but I admit that this is a good attempt to win over. And what is the point of appointing a dummy leader with "unlimited power" if everyone knows that he is dummy and in fact does not harbor power? And what is the general sense of the Senate if you write about democracy ..... or is it a paid democracy for the elite? The only reason why you do not want to create a clan with such an internal policy is its failure in practice. Although what else is the practice if these are just wet dreams of a bearded child, all bad)

    Очень грустная история в начале жаль только что она выдуманная , но признаю что это хорошая попытка расположить к себе . И какой же смысл назначать подставного лидера с "неограниченной властью" если все знают что он подставной и по факту не облодает властью ? И какой вообще смысл с сената если ты пишешь о демократии ..... или это платная демократия для элиты ? Единственная причина почему ты не хочешь сам создавать клан с такой внутренней политикой это его несостоятельность на практике . Хотя какая ещё практика если это всего лишь влажные мечты бородатого ребёнка , всего плохого )

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    @zagzag said in New Guild concept - Beware of old concept:

    dreams of a bearded child

    😂 😂 😂 😂 👍 👍 👍 👍

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