Will there be safe zones in cities?


    Will players be protected from aggressive players in any city?


    I'm guessing cities will be bound to same policies that planet is bound to.

    So Tartaros and Syndesia, no safe zones, and Arboreus, depending on where the city is, if city is inside safe area, then you will be safe.

    However, even if cities aren't safe zones, they are bound to have guards patrolling around that will surely help you if you get attacked by a random visitor of suspicious intentions.

    You can still die though, if attacker is fast and skilled, and you are unaware or AFK, so you should watch yourself out. Will attacker survive the escape from city after he kills you, this is to be seen.

    And in case of guild cities, and guild policies on will they place any guards there, and how they will behave in certain situations, well... you are free to chose which guilds you will find trustworthy to do business with, and will wish to visit their cities. 🙂

    This is in fact good because it promotes realistic atmosphere, need for person to use storage facilities instead of just carrying all his belongings with him, etc.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Based on some of the Q&A sessions I don't think a city can be guaranteed 100% safe. It will depend on how the city is managed and how many guards are in place. Even if the city is guarded you may still have encounters and that's where the crime/punishment and karma sections come into play


    @33hp it might be worth noting there is a subtle distinction between standard aggressive play and skilled assassination. Politics can be a dirty game and even 007 was licensed to kill? I live in a tourist area, but always tell our guests to be worldly wise.

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