Horse Breeding


    So this is something i have been thinking about however i'm not sure how this would be implemented.
    Maybe that horses have special traits and when you breed certain horses with other horses these traits will become stronger or more traits may be added.
    Based on the other horses trait(s).


    If you mean by breeding only mixing two different animals (still same race) together and getting new kind of form, it can be, that this kind of feature will not be even implemented. I am not against your idea and I think it would be cool, but it might make the system too complex. I have no idea what devs have planned, but I presume that breeding (raising) cattle and mounts would be part of farming activities. Because almost all items will be crafted by players, we can presume, that this would be the case with horses and other mounts too.

    Quite basic system would be, that breeder can buy, tame and/or find different kind of animal pups, which you can raise (feed) in your farm and after X amount of days those are full grown. After animal (mount in this case) is full grown you can still make difference for stats depending what kind of saddle, bags, horseshoes, armor you are going to attach to that animal. Those all things are of course also player crafted.

    You talked about mount traits, what you exactly meant by that? I presume mounts have these primary stats; Hitpoints, speed, armor and carry weight. It would be cool if some mounts would have special active abilitites on top of those passive stats.


    This would be a cool concept to introduce. A war horse != work horse != race horse. They all have different traits that make the ideal for their use. Species of horse have been bread throughout history to specialize them toward a specific task. Allowing a breeder to 'combine' two horses to produce a new horse with increased strength, speed, or endurance with some randomness added in would be great to see.



    War horse: Main stat = Hitpoints

    Work horse: Main stat = Carry weight

    Race Horse: Main stat = Speed

    This way?


    I'm pretty sure Fractured will intentionally decline to have any sort of animal breeding. Simple pet taming is a stretch goal.

    They seem to be going for more of a Diablo-style gameplay without that much customization beyond character equipment.


    I am not sure will there be breeding, but raising animals and mounts would make sense. Cattle is needed for cooking and mounts are needed as much as other items and gear pieces.


    In Wurm Online, horses can have positive or negative traits. Breeding can preserve and add more traits to offspring, based on one's animal husbandry skill. Color is also involved.

    Traits affect speed, carry weight, fighting ability, toughness, disease resistance, and longevity.

    Animal husbandry is a really cool aspect of WO, and I'd love to see it here as well! 🙂


    @Roccandil Breeding was wonderful in MO (Mortal Online) as well. It wasn't limited to horses and was lots of fun. Each bred animal had various stats and breeding was focused on specific tasks, of course. Some were bred for speed, others for combat viability; others for a hybrid mix of both, etc. Would adore seeing that in more games, including this one, going forward!


    If there will be a lot of different kind of variations for stats/traits, that will also mean there will be a good amount of different mount variations as well. Even this is kind of a good thing, it might cause stacking problems, when most mounts needs own slot. This will fill up all invetory and markets spaces fast and makes lists long and hard to read. This same goes with any other crafting and producted items as well.

    However, if there won't be much tier levels and the breeding system won't be too complex, then breeding can be good option to make differencies between horses/mounts.


    @Meangroundhog that would be cool!

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