Love PvP but like to play human?


    Hey Guys,

    can I start on the human (PvE) world but go to the PvP world and play there without disadvantages while playing an human character?

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    @blyce No race is restricted from PvP, it's just that every planet has a different ruleset. Humans start on Syndesia and you can PvP there. Arboreus (Beastmen world) is the only planet with PvP restrictions.


    @blyce said in Love PvP but like to play human?:

    can I start on the human (PvE)

    Tartaros (Demons) -> PvP
    Syndesia (Humans) -> PvX
    Arboreus (Beastmen) -> PvE (~ 60 - 70% of the Planet are safe from all PvP)

    In the end it all depends on how you play. You can play a beastmen PvP oriented, which might lead to you turnig into an abomination and getting kicked out of your homeplanet, on the other hand you can also play a Demon as a "good" person and try to become an angel.

    Everything is possible 😉


    @Eurav Well Beastman can skill engage in PvP every now and then without turning into abomination as they can help humans to protect them while Eclipse is occuring.
    But to the point. As a human, you can freely engage in PvP and PvE alike, but the planet Syndesia has a ruleset of PvP with consequences - if you attack good alligned person, you will be marked for some time and guards will make rather quick job with you in most places, if you kill some good or neutral (not marked) person, you will be marked as a murderer for some time and you will be a free-for-anyone to engage (and the guards will kill you on sight in most places). If you want to fully engage into PvP without any consequences, you might consider visiting Tartaros (Planet of the demons) pretty often, as there is a free-for-all PvP policy/ruleset set.


    @blyce It would be reasonable to read from website's news section at least all Feature Spotlight series. When you understand better the world and rules, then you can have better picture what Fractured is about and how PvP works in this game. There is few links at the end of this post you could check out.

    If you want to play as a human, then your home planet will be Syndesia. In there will be 'lawful PvP' rules, which means your hostile actions against lawful players will have consequences. You can loose karma points and you can be marked as a thief or a murderer. Now you will be an easy target for everyone and there might even be a bounty promised of your head.

    Humans can travel to Demon planet Tartaros and Beastmen planet Arboreus, but you can stay there only limited amount of time. In Tartaros there is 'lawless PvP', which means no PvP rules at all and you are free to attack anyone without any consequences. In Arboureus in other hand PvP is highly restricted. In most of the lands it is impossible and in minor part it has made hard with punishing debuffs and very limited time.

    It is hard to explain the whole PvP ruleset, because there is so much involded, but I hope this summary of mine and what others told before, gave you some idea. Go check at least these links below to learn more. 😉

    #1 Feuture Spotlight: 3 races, 3 playstyles

    #2 Feuture Spotlight: Universe, planets, travels

    #6 Feuture Spotlight: PvP, alignment, crime


    Here is an accurate layout for you:

    All planets are actually PvX (have both PvP and PvE available), but an amount of available PvP, and PvP rules are quite different.

    PLANET .... PvE ...... GvG PvP ...... Solo PvP
    Arboreus ... YES ...... NO ............... YES (only on 30% of planet and with heavy restrictions)
    Syndesia ... YES ...... YES .............. YES (consequence focused)
    Tartaros .... YES ...... YES .............. YES (free for all style)

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