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    I'll be honest, I haven't looked through the wikis or anything to try and find this information, but I need to make a new forum post for points.

    When I tried to join a guild I noticed that since I made my profile a demon, I was locked out of certain guilds. I have seen stuff about different worlds, but does anyone have any concert stuff on how different races will work? Is there really going to be multiple worlds/planets or are they realms (overworld, underworld, hell, heaven, etc).

    For classes, are you locked by your races? And for the profile, is that just for fun/planning/speculation or will that have some kind of effect/consequences?

    Again if this is too much all at once I don't expect answers since I'm mainly posting this for a quest.

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    Here's the answer x)
    Shortly, each races have different basic alignement (beastmen are basically good, demons are basically evil, humans can easily be both), that can vary. Your alignement will decide wich kind of guild you can join (demons in demon's guilds, the same for beastmen, but humans, as they can be good and evil easily, can join both kinds). Hope you understand what I'm babbling x)
    There is 3 different "planets", that was before only one. One planet by race.
    There is no class, you can be what you want and learn everything.
    For the profile, it's more a speculation. If you're demon on the forum, you can be beastman in-game 😉


    The profile you made is linked for foundation program and forums, and yes, you can as a demon join only to demon guilds. How this will be in game is still a little bit open. But no worries, you can edit your current profile anytime so you can join any guild you want.

    There is basically 3 planets in Fracured. So every races (demon, human, beastman) has own home planet with own rules to cater different players and playstyles. You can travel to other planets as well, but in most cases just temporarily. So the planets are divided in this way:

    • Beastmen - Planet Arboreus - Targeted to PvE centric players. In this planet happens very little PvP and in most parts it will be totally restricted.

    • Human - Planet Syndesia - Targeted to PvX centric players who likes both PvE and PvP, and are ready to live with Lawfull PvP with restrictive PvP rules. Basically your hostile action against lawful players will have consequences.

    • Demon - Planet Tartaros - Targeted to hardcore minded PvP players. There is no restrictions for PvP and everyone is free for all.

    So basically three planets, three playstyles. You can read more from news section. I suggest to read at least those Feature Spotlight series to get more information.

    Here is more about Races

    Here is more about Planets

    Here is more about PvP

    You will be locked with your race which might set some limitations in practise, especially what it comes to "class" choises. Fractured actually has classless system so we can see a lot of different kind of combinations of healer, support, damage, and tank.

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    @Esher From what I understand, these days you can only join a guild if you can permanently stay on the planet the guild is tied to.

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