Time to be a game Master


    Hello friends of fractured. I am opening a guild, i dont know how many i will allow to join right now but take a look. if you wish

    The Game Masters goal is but a trivial matter.

    Create, and remake. You are the Masters of your game, Our game. The game of life.

    Do you wish to lead others through it or do you wish to watch them stumble upon its horrors? You are the balance to this "game", to this unending discovery of life.

    Will you be a fair judge in my games or will you create a new rule in this game of life that others have stumbled into? Am I to judge you as you do others? That's not for me to say, for "The Game Masters" walk in all forms of life, walk upon all the lands. As long as you stand by our Chaotic balance, you are the master of our game called life.


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