Gamblelot - Every desire can be fulfilled

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Ordinary. This is the first impression I have coming to this city today. The main road leads directly to the central market square with small stalls offering the goods of the surrounding farms. A handful of houses directly on the marketplace have 2 or 3 floors and their walls are covered polished stone and some ornaments. All the other builddings are not worth mentioning. Just like my hometown only a bit bigger. Every desire can be fulfilled is written on the town entrance booard. But this town can't be the promised land full of gambling, bloody fights and carnal sins.

    If you want to have the best night of your live go to gamblelot. It is not cheap but worth it.
    Just because of those words of my best friend I scrimpt the last year to get enough money for today. His last advice was to get a room in the tavern "pearl shoe" short after lunch time and take a nap till evening. The tavern looks run down but clean. The room I got is small but I paid a fortune for it. I lye down and close my eyes, cursing myself for believing my friend so easily. I will see what the night will bring, they will wake me when it is time.

    A woman is leaning over me and gives a kiss on the cheek.
    Wake up or you will miss all fun young man.
    Half asleep I reach out for her face and touch her red lips. Her smile is warm and inviting. She leans her face in my hand and whispers:
    The night is still young. Enjoy the town and come back to me later. I will wait for you.
    Now I'm awake. She leaves the room and doesn't close the door fully. I hear the noise from the tavern. Joyful music mixed with clatter of cutlery. Downstairs I can't trust my eyes. Is that really the tavern I entered?
    The room with the bar doubled. The plain wall on the right was lifted and opens the view to a stage with 3 females dancing on it. On the left behind lifted curtains I notice small alcove. The light from the chandelier dives the whole tavern in warm and cozy colours. After telling my roomnumber to the bartender I get a table in front of the stage with beer and a proper meal. But my eyes stick on the dancing female Udoadra. I have seen a beastman before but this was something like out of a dream.

    to be continued

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Hello, the story above should show the idea of the town I would love to bring to live.

    The plan is to create a town on Syndesia open for everyone. On the surface a normal propper town, but when the night rise the town shows it true face full of gambling halls/casino, auction houses /blackmarkets where you can buy everything, taverns/arenas for fights, theaters for shows and what ever such a town should have.

    RP would be nice but there is no need for it in general.

    I don't own a pledge that comes with a town so at the moment the town can't be named and must be built from zero.
    I'm searching here some players that would join me on creating this town as inhabitants and owners of taverns, casinos, farmers and so on.

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