Toggle Nudity For player Characters? [ AKA unequipable Undergarments with censor option) ,( NOT OTHER EXPLICT FEATURE REQUEST)]

  • Allow players to properly start as actual Naked instead of Locked behind undergarments Or have a feature to take off and on underwear/bra/undergarments with censorship option just in case if some players hates it or for youtube/streaming purpose

    Reason? : Well i dont have proper reason but all i can say is, its good for better game detail, immersion and realism, aesthetic thing.
    Dont get this wrong idea, Its just like how other game has such as ''Rust', 'Savage lands(EA),' Conan exiles(especially), SCUM( EA), etc.

    Afterall, i am a fan of this immersion feature. So im hoping to see this for Fractured game too, is it possible?
    ( Sorry for my english)

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Was already said from the devs, no nudity. Sorry

  • @Sindariya
    Feels like secret censorship thing or hatred against Human body to me : (

    But ok , thanks for confirmation .. guess ill pass this.

    Edit: Or maybey i changed my mind,,
    where did Dev said that ? i was thinking dev should check out those games i mentioned before disagreeing on this? or its permanently confirmed not going to be accepted ?


    I am also not a fan of nudity in games which are supposed to be played by a broader range of players (in terms of age) as it would be one of the reasons that ESRB and PEGI would rate is as mature and/or adult content. Not really a good thing for a game that will start as a niche game (hopefully will not stay that way for long).

  • @Meiki Yeah
    But i think Nudity Toggle ( without explict content or without S*xual content) isnt always Adult content.. ,is it?
    i mean have you seen that game called'' The Void''?
    (rated 12 by PEGI) , just giving example..

    Moreover ... doesnt Fractured have concept art of showing one of female goddess or somthing showing .exposed breast?
    So,... isnt this game already M or its going to be T rated?


    @SecretB01 You are forgetting that there are also some other aspects to a game that decide its ratings, mainly how much violence and sexual references (sexual is not only related to coital activities, but also nudity, be it partial or full, suggestive and/or revealing clothes, etc.), whether there are any drugs or even fictional stuff with similar effects, whether there is bad language used be it with filter or without (and in online games there will always be such risk of that occuring), whether there is any gambling possible (even if it is with only in-game currency), fear elements and/or horrific/abominal creatures. Discrimination is also one of the reasons that the game might get a pretty high rating (does not matter that the discrimination is of fictional characters and races and slavery is also a way to discriminate). There are many aspects that might not be a reason to give a game high rating on its own, but if summarized might lead into the game being rated high, which could lead to content/ad restriction and also further restrictions as required per local laws - for example Finland, France, Germany and Swiss enforce rating and that it is being followed. Although the majority of the countries in Europe only support the ratings with no local law enforcement.
    The thing is, Fractured might not be containing all of the harmful elements as perceived by PEGI/USRB/USK and other ratings used, but what is the reason for a nudity in game that contains non-human races? You know that nudity of non-human characters is pretty much very controversial topic? And as they say, better be safe then sorry, as once you are rated high, you already have a label.

  • @Meiki Oh.. Well... i dont know, but i get your point, its reasonable , i agree and accepted . : ( 👌 .

    ( But still, in my opinion, wish this game have that).


    @SecretB01 Well as I can see the game you mentioned is single player offline game. Fractured will be multiplayer online game with MTX shop. Also there is only like three scenes/mentiones tied to nudity in the Void. Neither full body nor all-the-time nudity...

  • @Meiki Yeah i know its singleplayer game, i was just giving example of the game rating .

    And also
    'The Void' has nudity ( only on Females scenes but not much on male )

    Like this for example:

    ( look at end)

    Its basically when u give somthing full of color power to them, their chain seal thing goes away step by step then their skin exposed...Havent played that game much though, kinda hard somtimes and havent ended.


    But... why? lol

    For immersion, when you look outside do you see a bunch of people running around with their chickens and clams hanging out? I don't... I'm pretty happy with their decision on this one haha


    Just gonna leave this here


    Well you could have no nudity but still have changeable underwear.

    Character never gets naked, but player could chose what kind of starting underwear he wants, and then buy extra underwear in shop for his collection.


    @Xzoviac well a piece of art is different from a game mechanic 😄 And as of late there was some uproar about the "censorship of nipples" and "nipples being just nipples and not being just nipples" a.k.a. "why are men nipples not censored when women nipples are?". So I would not call nudity of the top part of the body as... well you know, every single kid (at least majority of them) were breast-fed at least once, some for prolonged period of time. So what is wrong about nude breast and nipple when the kids were growing up with them. 😄 But we are really getting on an ice of controversy.


    In my opinion a nudity on games rather breaks the immersion than improves it.
    I never understood, why some people always demand it. If you want nudity go and watch a porn! 😛

    There are other aspects, why i think, it is never a good idea:

    • International game, where are people with very different background: Whats okay for us Europeans, might not be okay for some North Americans who live still in the past or people from other cultures where nudity is a no go.
    • Game for younger people: Nudity in games often is violated by some people who likes to play erotic Roleplay in public - i don't think thats something you want for your own kid to experience that is still in learning, what sexuality is.
    • Nudity is abusive: Don't get me wrong, my background is in East Germany, in times of GDR, we had FKK, means naturism, everywhere at lakes and shores and i am very for natural being. But i think especially some non grown up player can not differencing between natural nudity and bothering other people. The abusive factor of a possible nudity feature is enormous.

    So where you want to draw a line, where nudity is still okay for everyone?
    I think the effort about observing if all rules about showing nudity are respected and intervening is huge and i think this manpower can be better set into useful gamemastering and nice gameplay features.


    @Meiki so do you think if demons (like andarial in diablo 2) had its nips out - will it likely to happen because above art has nips (games imo are just animated art) , I think this kind of nudity is a high possibility considering the art work

  • @Xzoviac I know right? .. i dont get why Dev cannot accept this unequipable undergarment idea(with toggle censor) while concept art(with nudity) like that is ok?

    But i guess it doesnt matter anyway its fine by me if Dev answered no or since the artstyle is like that?

    ( But still I wish though , .I Wonder , have Dev knows about other games has this feature before disagreeing on this for fractured ?)

    @Kralith I agree your other points..

    but one thing i dont agree is ... seriously.. why people like you always compare with 'Porn'' when someone ask about nudity content?! .I even mentioned in title .. : ''( NOT OTHER EXPLICT FEATURE REQUEST)'' .. Did i ask or mentioned about adding ''Graphic very explict nsfw feature'' here? Just...wondering or making sure?.

    @Kralith ,@Gothix , @Pluto Again.. i dont have other good reason or explaination on this, but if you look at other games like Mortal Online(MMO), Rust, Conan exiles and SCUM( EA) which has feature to take off and on undergarment with censorship option or hiding undergarments tied with censor/toggle option, then you'll will know why i asked this or made this topic .

    Sidenote/optional question: Have you guys played ,seen or heard those games i mentioned anyway? ( just asking)

    (sorry for my english)


    @Xzoviac As said, breast nudity is kind of a controversial topic on its own, there are a lot of people on all of the parties - "breast nudity is ok only in case of men"; "breast nudity is not ok in any case"; "breast nudity is ok in art, but not ok in real life"; "breast nudity is ok in both men and women case"; "breast nudity should be either ok or not ok, but the same rules should apply to all"; "breast nudity is ok by men and by breast-feeding women"... and there are many, many more, unfortunately it appears that even the common public is pretty much torn between all the opinions with neither gaining any huge support. It also depends heavily on culture and country and also situation. As for example naturism - where nudity is ok as long as it is in a place meant for it and all parties agree to it upon entering the property dedicated to natural behaviour and "dresscode".
    As for my opinion... well I am ok with nudity, but at the same time I would rather see an MMO be more on the family-friendly side as stuff like nudity, coital activities, gambling, etc. lead to increase of toxicity of a community as a whole, as - unfortunately - there is a lot of people, especially those from recent generations - that do not follow any rules of netiquette.


    @SecretB01 i don't compare nudity with porn, i just don't get, why someone need nudity in a game.
    It just don't make sense for me.
    And "porn" was just the inflated word for "you want to watch nudity, take other sources" 😉


    @Meiki I think the higher the age rateing the lower the risk of toxicity, the older the player base is the more likely they are not children, I personally like dark games, dark TV shows, rape murder intrigue, game of thrones is one of most peoples fav TV shows it has incest rape torture all you can think of, I'm a pker murderer and confuser in mmos, I'd rather not be killing kids that it would generally ruin there days if I grief them using game mechanics, demons liches horrible monsters may very well torture and rape humans enslaved the other races, evil shouldn't be made nicer evil is evil, maybe if you age rateing is not past 18 you shouldn't be allowed to leave unicorn rock licking land


    Hmmm.. nudity you say? 🤔

    What next? Butt, boob and pecker sliders? 😬

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