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    Hello guys,

    Well, sorry, I'm sure most (if not all) of this information is already available somewhere, but after doing a search in the FAQ and the forums, I could find a exact answer. I want to buy a package, but first of all I want to clarify a few details:

    • In the FAQ I saw I can upgrade at any time the pledge pack to anyone higher. This upgrade means that if I buy today the Founder pack and in six months I am interested in the Proprietor, I need to pay the full price of the second one or only the difference in order to purchase it?

    • I see that some packs have different items with the word "Exclusive" in it, such as the Founder VIlla (Patron Pack). Others not, like the Pet companion: Baby Dragon, or the Additional character slot (Artisan and Founder, respectively). I can assume that the exclusive items will be ONLY available in those packs, and NOT in game purchases or through gameplay, and those that are not exclusive can be obtained or bought? If so, the payment will be with in-game currency or with real one?

    Thanks you guys for the help!

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    1: Only the difference.

    2: Depends. Some of the rewards can be bought from the store once the game goes live for real money, like character slots and months of VIP. Some other rewards like the carpenter NPC can be obtained through ingame means. (Lifetime free VIP and carpenter are crowdfunding exclusives though).


    @Specter So the only exclusives are the lifetime carpenter and VIP? Thanks!!

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    @Arminton Well, and rewards like the founder houses, armor skins, etc. The pet companions as well I believe even though it doesn't say exclusive. The mule mount with the wagon might have an exclusive look too but I'm not sure about the plans for those.

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