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    I was reading where there are going to be town sieges and that your houses within a town siege can be destroyed. I hope that does not mean that your secure storage location is not all that secure. From playing other sandboxes like Atlas, DayZ, Life is Fuedal, etc.. logging off only to log in and find everything gone is game killing. I understand like in UO there needs to be a point you refresh stuff so that you don't tie up real estate that others wish to use while you are not playing the game. However, if you have to guard your possessions while you are not playing is a bit much for me. Those games that do allow other players to swoop in and take all that you own while you are offline get scathing bad reviews.

    Life is Feudal had a judgment hour every day that your settlement was vulnerable to attack. If you couldn't be online to play that was your fault. Building in LIF took weeks for some buildings with 100's of hours of playing time from multiple players. One judgment hour could wipe everything out. Needless to say entire guilds quit the game. I'm not even sure the state of this game any more because so many people quit playing the game. From the reviews for Atlas I'm seeing the same thing. If I find that I spent a month working with friends to build a town only to have another group come in and wipe it out in a day, I'm not sure I would be long for the game afterwards. Just saying.


    @Farlander hopefully you just have to pay land tax, if your offline a month your land will be sold to pay for the accumulation so someone else can use the land, dunno what destruction of property plans are


    I would think any house in the town limits changes hands. while any house outside the city limits would stay.

    doing that would incentivize sticking around to defend the city if you're inside the city limits.


    I worry about post-house destruction mechanics.

    If your house can be destroyed in a town siege (it would make sense that it can since this is sandbox, and the house itself isn't hard to rebuild), then what happens with items?

    Some MMOs mail storage items back to you if your house is destroyed so you can pick them up again, BUT... in Fractured this could be abused. Store stuff in house, let it be destroyed, stuff is mailed to you, then travel on otherside of world risk free, and pick your items from mail there. And there you go, risk free transportation of goods.

    So mail mechanics can't work in Fractured.

    So if your house is destroyed in siege, your stuff could only wait you on the same location (in that town) for you to pick them up, and then transport them to where you want (risking that stuff being stolen on the way).

    For Fractured this makes sense.

    So what can you do to work around that?

    Do NOT keep all your "stuff" in one location! Use storage spaces in various cities around the map. In this way, not only you are protected from loosing all at once, but you are also ready to jump back in battle in various zones, if you die there and are looted, because you have backups all around the world.


    @Gothix or just have storage linked to the local bank a chest is like a placeable local bank (needs to be empty to move) , if house and chest are destroyed the items are still in the bank, but house and chest need rebuilding
    If town is taken over bank is same just under a different rule, if bank is destroyed , town needs to rebuild to place any new items, but chests house chests can still empty its items but warn that you can not return the items till the town is rebuilt


    Hello @Farlander, sieges and city wars are things that we still have to plan and develop, in any case, you won't be able to destroy houses. We are aware that this is a tricky topic and we won't allow chaotic and uncontrolled city devastations. The only thing that you will have to care is the decaying of your dwelling, and, as Xzoviac already said, you will be able to pay a special npc carpenter to upkeep your possession for you.


    @Znirf That is really good to hear. I mention it so that for the planning stages things are considered that hurt other games. UO has a bank box that holds items you can retrieve from any city bank. Alot of other games have this same kind of setup. It makes for ease of play for a player because no one wants to spend endless amounts of time between adventuring to regear. Also no one wants to spend weeks or months accumulating stuff that is gone in the blink of an eye.

    Thanks for the reply 🙂


    Oh I like to hear that about houses. Although as a beastman, that area will already be safe, but still good to hear.


    @Znirf what happens if there is an evil city (evil guild rules it and they have set rules to accept evil alignment and to hunt down good alignment), but then after a siege good guild takes over and changes rules...

    In this scenario evil aligned players still have houses there, but they can not reach them because guards are killing them while they attempt so.

    Opposite can be problematic as well, a switch from good to evil.


    @Gothix First of all, you have to know that the conquest of a city is a complicated achievement, there will be several steps and battles before it, so, will not happen in a day but it will require a lot of time and effort. In that case, it is up to the guild that conquest the city to decide the fate of the houses and citizens. These could be some examples but remember that is a topic that we will be implemented in the future:

    • the guild could decide to expropriate all the enemies' houses; in this case, the citizens will have a certain period to collect a part of their stuff, and then they will be forced to find another dwelling.
    • it could decide to levy taxes to all the "foes" that will choose to stay in the city.

    Anyway, you have to remember that the concept of possessions loss is different from the other MMO, in Fractured, with its horizontal progression system, everything will be re-obtain in a relatively fast way. The most important things that you will need for in-game progression will be the equipment crafted in the city buildings.

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