Alliance Recruitment


    Good Day Folks!

    My name is Vyr and I am the community leader here for The Shadow Empire Guild.

    We here have high hopes for this upcoming game and wish to begin "Talks" with those here who may be interested in an Alliance.

    Yes our profile does say "Human" but we are also covering all 3 of the realms as well. We would be interested in speaking with those who wish to open up a Diplomatic Dialogue with us here to secure treaties in Peace, Warfare, Trade and Various Non-Aggression Pacts for this upcoming game.

    If you also feel you have an idea to offer up to better strengthen our mutual Alliances please bring your idea's to the table. You can reach us on Discord here:

    Please message me: Vyr Vandalous and in your inital message state to me that it is regarding a potential Alliance and we can talk and work out a mutual agreement with all parties involved.


    Vyr Vandalous
    The Shadow Empire
    Fractured MMO

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