Foundation Point Inc/Sanctum is disbanding (and no I'm not leaving Fractured).

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Hello everyone, I've decided to disband my guild. Why you might ask? Well, for a few reasons:

    1: My guild was never a serious guild.
    Those of you who have been here for a long time know that it used to be a guild just to get the "join a guild" foundation quest done. This unfortunately also meant that the number 1 guild on the leaderboard wasn't even a serious guild, which is something that I've never been very happy with. Back when I first started it, it didn't matter too much. These days though, Fractured has multiple serious guilds who aspire to be the number 1, but can't get there because my foundation points mass guild is blocking them from progressing. From what I've heard, some guilds even resorted to rulebreaking (for example by making multiple accounts) in an attempt to take the first spot. By getting rid of my guild, I hope to level the playing field to give every guild a fair shot at rank 1.

    2: It's too much of a mess to organise.
    While I did eventually consider turning it into a serious guild, at one point even renaming it and writing a guild description, it didn't change the fact that many members in my guild were just there for the quest. With over a hundred members in the guild, it would have taken me ages to figure out who were serious about joining and who weren't. So much work in fact that's it's probably easier to just disband and start over. We have no tools to reach out to all members at the same time, I would have had to contact all of them individually to figure out where they stand.

    3: It's still too early for me to determine whether or not I want to run a guild.
    Fractured is still years away from release and for that reason I don't want to commit too much time to it yet. Building and running a guild obviously take a lot of time, especially if you don't have a game to play yet because you still have to keep the members happy somehow. While I do have alpha access, I don't play it because I don't want to burn out before the game has even been released.

    So then, what does this mean for the members who are currently in my guild or were planning on joining it? Well, for those of you who just wanted to get their foundation points, you can make a guild of your own and get the points that way if you don't have them yet. If you're looking for a serious guild, VyrVandalous has offered me to recruit those who are looking for a new guild. You can find his guild page here: The Shadow Empire and their Discord: From what I've seen, they're pretty darn serious about running a guild in Fractured, probably the most serious one. They're open to all races even though they're shown as a human guild on the guild recruitment page. That's just a limitation of the guild profile system on the website.

    As for myself, I have no idea what I'm going to do in the future. I might play as a lone wolf, or maybe I'll join someone else's guild. I might even create a new (serious) guild in the future. But right now it's still way too early to decide. You certainly don't have to worry about me leaving the forums though. While I'm not participating much, I'm still watching all the dev news and now that the devs have begun answering questions again, I can make updates to the compilation thread again. 🙂


    One of the most respectable, and selfless things I have seen someone do in a gaming community in a long time.

    Good luck with whatever you end up doing!

  • too early


    Our playing group has always found it is best to seriously organize the group 3-6 months out before launch. Hype will still be high enough with the players to wait for the day to play. Nothing worse than to have players quit the game before they actually quit the game lol. It is also hard to plan for a game that is not set in stone on details. We had a rather large group beta SWG and planned our organization almost 2 years out. We thought we were prepared until launch day when our plans hit the battlefield so to speak lol.


    Ahhh, that's too bad. Although, I'm sure others will pop up at some point. Personally I'm just looking for some laid back beastman guild with some fun folks to play with.

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