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    My guild is wanting to work with another guild. I have a few questions and concerns about how this might work.

    Deleting our guild and merging into theirs is very simple on the surface, but I was looking through information and found this.

    An election cycle can be triggered in the following ways:

    • In free towns, if 21 days have passed since elections were last held
    • In guild towns, if the governor changes or leaves the guild (on purpose or because he’s been kicked out)
    • In all towns, when the Governor’s account becomes inactive for a long time, without an assigned delegate

    Town and Government Politics Feature Spotlight

    Would joining another guild put our governors at risk? Could there town be stripped away at any time for any reason even if they do everything correctly, or are there checks and balances for this?

    Is there any way to declare an alliance at this time? The only information I could find about alliances is that they exist. It'd be kind of nice to be able to reflect an intended alliance in Foundation.

    Racial differences.

    Will there be a way to make multi-racial guilds work in the game? Trade between planets will be lucrative if dangerous. Cultural Differences versus Economic Benefits. How deep can an alliance between two different planets go, and what is the best way to actually achieve it mechanically? It was possible for humans to have a neutral guild with both races the last I heard (I can't find a quote), but I think it was referring to the different races coming to the human planet and joining a guild there. Is it possible for guilds on different planets to ally or even merge into a larger cross-planet guild? How would such a guild work.

    Some of my questions may sound a little silly, but please bear with me. I'd really like some sincere answers on this. The thought of making such cross-culture alliances may be looked down upon as impossible or stupid considering the obvious distinction between planets. However, I do want to make friends even as a little demon. Afterall, alliances are arguably more important in war than in peace. 😉

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Specifically, would it even be possible to make / join a guild day 1 across servers? Does declaring your town a guild town help with that? Is it better to start individually and make alliance later. etc.

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    Some more information at - 10. Guilds

    There is shows:

    • Guilds are alignment-based to account for mixed race possibilities.
    • Alliances are also based on alignment restriction and can't ally good guild with evil guild.

    In guild towns, the GM has absolute rule according to

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    That's helpful, thank you!

    The answer to the last part does seem to be related to the guild owner also being the guild towns. I am referring more to a situation with other guild towns joining under the same guild, if it's even a thing. However the rest is great to hear!


    Devs said that "for now" they are working with an idea of allignment based guilds in mind, but they also said that they are hearing players feedback and it is possible for this to change.

    So everything is still posible.


    Thanks for the updated data Gothix!


    Since the leader of a town is the guild leader and if you merge with another guild I would say it is possible the other guild could in effect initiate a coupe. In SWG, UO and SWTOR all those guild leaders are chosen by majority membership support. A member can freely choose to throw their support toward another person for guild leader. When that leader gains majority vote the leadership changes. There are reasons why these systems work and it is the reasons in the rules they already have in place. There is nothing worse when a leader up and quits and no one has control of guild functions and in this case town functions. That's alot riding on one person.

    So back to a merger. If the new guild has more members I'd say they have a good chance of wrestling away control. I'd say you need to think before inviting larger groups to your town 🙂


    @Farlander It is a lot riding on a single person, understanding the systems mechanically just allows us to make informed decisions. Can a guild not own more than one town? Our group already has a few town level pledges will we need to sub divide our community into each of these towns?


    The leader of a guild town is not the guild master, but the governor, which does not have to be the guild master.

    Jacopo mentiones at the end of the

    that if a guild town governor becomes inactive, there will be an election BUT the guild master can actually do something about that preemtively. So I would guess the guild master can choose / set / remove (can´t find the proper words :c ) the governor of guild towns.

    So if you join another guild your destiny lies in the hands of that guild master 😄


    That makes sense. We just would like to buy more townships and want to make sure it can be part of our larger organization. I have to say I love how responsive and nice everyone here is! Thanks for the continued information and the link!


    @Savitr said in Guild Towns and Guild Mergers:

    @Farlander It is a lot riding on a single person, understanding the systems mechanically just allows us to make informed decisions. Can a guild not own more than one town? Our group already has a few town level pledges will we need to sub divide our community into each of these towns?

    You can have as many guild towns as you are able to upkeep 😉
    A Town Area does have different "levels" to it though (hamlet, town, city, metropolis?) where you gain advantages. A metropolis does, depending on Town Area size, need a lot of people (Players + NPC) to upkeep (50+ for small area? I think; you can probably find some info about this in one of the Q&A as well). The devs also recommended in a Spotlight to focus on one guild town and only go for a second one when the first one actually is "fully" built.


    In regards to Q&As do they have transcripts by chance?

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    @Savitr Vengu made a few here, and FibS made one here.


    Thank you kindly for the links. Sorry if I’m missing data being new and trying to get adjusted to it all ^_^

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