Forum issue - Profile picture upload


    Hello again!

    I would like to signal a slight issue with profile picture changes. When going to edit your profile to change your picture, uploading a new picture and saving it does not work and does not replace your old picture - you see your new picture for a few seconds before it reverts to the old picture. In order to fully change your profile picture, you have to remove all uploaded pictures, save changes at the bottom of the page, then upload a new picture and save changes again.

    I'm aware that might not be fully a bug, but it's certainly an odd behaviour that took some amount of time to work out, especially since the save changes button is not particularly eye-catching. You have to know the steps of the procedure to get it right!

    Cheers 😊

    P.S.: Again, I hope this has not been brought up before, without a report/support section of the forums it can be hard to browse for already reported issues!

  • Just encountered this as well. I had to clear my browser cache after deleting the old picture for the new one to show up for me. Hope that helps anyone else that runs into it ^_^

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