How heavy is the moba influence?


    Sorry if this topic has been up already but i did a search.
    As the title says, how influenced is the moba genre in pvp here? And what moba is it influenced from if any?

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    @Sayph When the devs talk about MOBA influence, they're mainly referring to the combat and the controls. Click-to-move, skillshot abilities, etc. So, combat is heavily influenced by MOBA's and ARPG's, but the game itself is a sandbox MMO. 😉


    Of course i did not expect a new moba, i dont need to put down a few thousand hours into another one. xD
    But there is also differences in them, like in some you have skill and spells that is really powerfull and can change alot with a use.

    But i will look forward to see some more of it!

    Just a small question, do the devs themself play any moba? ^^

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    I wouldn't doubt the developers have played a few MOBA game their time.

    Again, like Specter said, the comparison to any MOBA would largely be based on similar mechanisms in control schemes and combat.

    The overall core gameplay would be entirely different. I would say it's a mixed between MOBA control and ARPG control (think Diablo or Path of Exile).

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