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  • Hail and well met. It may seem particularly cheesy but Ultima Online in its heyday still holds a special place in my heart and nothing since has really scratched that itch quite like UO did. I mean hell, people are STILL devoting hours upon end and substantial amounts of money on that game, even on free player-run servers.

    I've got to say, I get more excited every time I read something else about Fractured and consider myself lucky to be privy.

    Not that I expect any of you to care and I really don't know where I was going with all that after re-reading, but I've got quests to complete don't ya know.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    I remember Ultima Online in its glory days.

    These days, I still remember those days fondly but I can't quite bring myself back to play it.


    Oh, Ultima Online... it's like the sweet caress of your first lover. Something we all search to replace and frankly I still fondly remember Moonglow, and the the mining days in Minoc. Hope to see you in Fractured! 🙂


    Uo brings back good old memories. Lots of memories, since I've played it from almost the beginning until the 5th expansion (that was Age of Shadows, the one before Samurai Empire).


    The thing about UO isn't that it was a great game. Demonstrably, it wasn't. The graphics, the controls, the system overall... all of it was pretty average. What made it special was the community and the fact a game like that hadn't really been seen before. And that's why, year after year, people go chasing MMOs hoping it will be the next UO. And it never can be because that time has changed, both in terms of the video game industry and where people are in their personal life.


    My community played UO for about 7 years (1998-2005). I think what made it great was it was the first game of its kind. The game itself had its flaws. I broke many a mouse throwing them, banging them etc. So much so I had spares on the shelf behind me. It didn't help I had to play on dialup lol. Still it was where we built our community which then continued to other games. We have tried since then to repeat that feel of community and the only other game that felt right was SWG. I think the problem is most games give quick results for player activity. In the early days of UO it took most of us sparring everyday 6 months just to gm tactics. Later on changes were made and you could get it in hours. It was that 6 months of sparring that all we could do was sit at the computer and type to each other. That's where the community was built. The youngins today have no patience and want those big results for little effort. Devs match those young player desires. My 2 cents anyway.

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