So... Legends of Aria


    I'm guessing a number of people here may have tried Legends of Aria.

    What did you think?

    I played it hard for about two weeks, trying to recapture the UO buzz of the late 90s, trying to get into a community there... and I just didn't feel it. The whole game felt very, very basic. Combat, especially, was a let down.

    After a couple of weeks I wondered just WTF I was doing... it was just click click click click click click for no real discernible happiness. Basically the whole thing felt pointless.

    My gut feeling is that Fractured's systems and combat will make the game more fun than LoA is.


    I tried very early with some guys from our community We all formed in UO so it was reliving some good memories for us. For me however it was like the old ial up days my lag was that bad. Plus the UI was clunky. We didn't last long. I read up some more since it's been awhile and now all the complaints are about pks. Not my kind of game. I tried UO Outlands which is a free server for UO ran fairly well but also plagued with pks. I just hate playing in games with players whose only fun is making others suffer.


    Well Shards online was a great concept... Legends of Aria just the biggest disappointment. It was great at start, although the game itself was a little bit clunky, laggy and unstable at the beginning and lacked in content (which it still lacks) the worst part about is - whenever someone mentions LoA and I go to check its current state... the promised features and changes and content are still not there. It is not even on steam yet 😄

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    I played it for like 2 hrs, then uninstalled it, very disappointed


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