Stats layout in Alpha 2 test 1


    @Yitra So the stats above 18, anyone able to finish out this chart? Awesome job by the way. I really love me some stat charts when going to make characters 🙂

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    Awesome table! 😉 I suggest adding the info to the official community wiki!

    @grofire @Yitra @asspirin Luck positively influences all your dice rolls! For instance, if your attack can deal 50-80 damage, with high Luck you're more likely to roll numbers closer to 80 than 50. On the opposite, if you have a 34% chance on a Willpower save throw - so the system rolls a d100 and you have to score less than 34 to pass, with high luck you're more likely to get lower numbers on the roll. Luck just makes you... Lucky! 🙂


    @Prometheus After the initial explanation of Znirf about luck, I just thought to equip a lucky amulet and maybe other equipment with luck on in (if there will be such things) when I would need it for enchanting and crafting.

    Your explanation puts luck and thus Charisma in a whole other perspective. All my building plans just flew out of the window, Thanks! 😜 Back to the drawing table!

    P.S. Added it to the wiki as well, never crossed my mind, this is my Fractured home 🙂

  • @Yitra said in Stats layout in Alpha 2 test 1:

    Great job thanks for the info.

  • @Yitra It however depends whether all damaging abilities will have "+/- 25% damage random roll" like Fireball and Magic missiles, thus making difference between low CHA and high CHA up to 50% difference in damage, or if there will be also abilities with reliable damage dependable only on casting stat like Firebolt.
    Also devs didn´t state you will always roll better damage, only " you're more likely to roll it", so I wouldn´t count on luck too much - in case of melee fighter I´d rather pick Bear Claws Pendant instead of Rabbit Paw Amulet unless Im tank (although both offer passive bonus as if you had 5 more points in respective stat) - better chance to resist status effects due to save rolls is always valuable and tanking pets sounds nice.

    Also concerning the role of luck as DEFENSIVE STAT:

    high luck, low resists, medium health
    high luck, medium resists, low health
    low luck, medium resists, high health
    low luck, high resists, medium health
    medium luck, medium resists, medium health
    medium luck, high resists, low health
    medium luck, low resists, high health

    --> which of these will offer most "effective healthpoints" ?

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