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    I have just one issue to highlight with the ofset camera angle.... and that is that when moving Upscreen, you can see further than when moving downscreen... so much so that in the case of downscreen movement, the first sight of anything hostile is when it attacks you from outside your ability to see it... I was hunting Woodland Wisps, as a Mage, and the first I knew about it was being Stunned, and even then I still couldnt see it, I had to then move further down, with no idea if it had any support. But if I had been moving Upscreen, I could have seen what was there and decided for myself whether to engage or not. This is a serious issue not with the gameplay, but with using a fixed NON-central camera....


    totally agree, we need a bit more north/south viewrange

  • Agreed i believe that a "Fog of War" aspect was mentioned but i could be wrong. So when you are in battle the Trees/Foliage would become transparent and not be clickable. this would help resolve some of those issues, it was stated that the camera will be stationery.


    this isnt about trees, its about the fact that although you appear screen centered, you arent...

  • @mylara777 said in Camera Angles:

    this isnt about trees, its about the fact that although you appear screen centered, you arent...

    What resolution do you have set, most newer monitors are not square. The placement seems centered on toons feet, the feet are pretty much centered top of screen to top of HUD. My toon is centered the best it can be given the extra wide resolution i play at.That is why i tend to travel side to side more, I do think Agro range could be adjusted a bit.

    If they increased the zoom out then player with extra resolution would have an advantage.

    Fractured 2.png

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    I notice this too

    I really wish they would incorporate camera rotation
    If pvp becomes popular it will bena common flanking method

  • They said in a thread today we won't have camera rotation. In your screenshot, if they increase the camera angle on 0x, you will see more things behind you and less in front of you. If they decrease it, you will see more stuff in front of you and less behind you.
    Anyway, monitors normally have more width than height, so you will always see more on the left and right than top and down. You have a weird resolution. I don't see what elegant solution could there be to make it fair (and not stretch objects)... maybe add fog of war to the left and right side if you screen ratio exceeds 1.77?

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