Alpha 2-1 stress test weekend feedback


    I haven't actually been able to play yet, due to various reasons (max concurrent players reached/servers down for patching/stuck on loading screen - someone mentioned here a way to fix this last one, but I tried it and it didn't work).
    Aside from the loading bar issue (and a small part of the colour choosing in character creation), none of these things are code-related, they're more just QoL improvement suggestions.

    The icon in the taskbar is the default Unity icon, rather than the custom icon that shows up on the desktop for the launcher.

    I think it'd be good if you could use the tab key to switch between the email and password fields, and the return key as an alternative to the login button.

    Character Creation:
    The colour options in the menu on the right aren't accurate to how they show on the character.

    • The skin colour options work fine on the male character, but are a bit light on the female character.
    • For both genders, the hair colour options show significantly lighter on the character model than they are in the menu.
    • Again for both genders, some of the underwear colours are paler on the models than in the menu (although in this case I'd suggest changing the menu colours rather than the texture ones). Also the 3rd and 4th options (blue and beige) buttons cause the opposite colour to be used (blue turns underwear beige, and vice versa) - if I had to guess I'd say it's probably just that the array entry numbers (assuming that's how you have it set up, since you've got a specific selection of a few colours rather than a colour wheel) for those colours got swapped somehow when setting what the buttons do.

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