Name OP ability / mechanic experienced in other pvp arpg/mmorpg/moba

  • Example: in WoW vanilla you (as rogue) could kill fully equipped enemy without weapon ( I don´t mean one shot combos, but rather long CC combos agains which there was no defence). An even if you would use trinket to get out of stun, rogue would just go invis, wait for one of CC skills and repeat (sure macros would help a lot, but rogues were op in vanilla solely thanks to CC and INVISIBILITY).
    In Guild Wars 2 right after release rogues would stay far and once you were low health, they would shadowstep you, CCed you with Steal and finish you in 1-2 skills. I literarilly never fought rogue whilefull hp 😄 And if i tried, they would just vanish or teleport with a bow. One shot invis guys were annoying as well, demanded zero skill and were relativelly safe to play.

    In Fractured everyone except heavy armour guys can go invisible and while we have saves, full offensive rogue might still land most of his abilities successfully. Invisible full offense nuker will be also terryfying. So for me its invisibility combined with cc.

    Im wonder what stats for attacks from invisibility will be. Will it multiply any damage (including spell damage)? Will we be able to "backstab" enemy with any (not only assassin) weapon? Will we be able to use any skill from invisibility for damage multiplier ( heavy blow crit from invis would hurt)? Will attacks from invisibility have some kind of aim bonus (as enemy will not be able to tell Im attacking, so he cant defend/dodge/prepare)?
    I guess there will be more invisibility abilities, so can they stack (for one superlong sneak to get out of danger easily) ? Is there cooldown on such skills ("you cant enter invisibility x seconds after first invis ended")? Will there be enough skills to counter invisibility (some kind of tracking / marking - i guess perception might help a little, and so will skills from Divination school ... hope they will be castable in full plate, but as they aren´t offensive, they should, right)? Will DOTs show position of enemy (not talking about seeing numbers, but for example blood dripping from enemy)? Will invisible enemy have zero colision? Will we be able to attack "air around" to hit enemy (shift + basic attack)? Will users of low end machines have disadvantage when fighting invisible enemy (in case you would leave footprints on the ground etc. - in original Dota Phantom assassin with her passive would be "invisible" - you could see her only thanks to her shadow (and health bar, but that wasn´t defaultly shown at that time), so if you had shadows off, you wouldnt see her and would just get killed thanks to surprise (and 4x damage multiplier crits :D).

    P.S.: Looking forward to see some pvp in upcoming test. Most abilities are still not in game, but wonder how usable such ability will be.


    Wow - SL orc warlock - everything 😄


    Hard cc without immunities, love it to be chain cc'ed to death 😛


    Pvping in lotro, the bard could move and insta cast spells so could just kite all other classes with out ever letting anyone close, it also could heal itself and slow you if you somehow did get close

  • @Gothix Im sure everything has some weakness. Now talking about it : In WoW I hated being frozen by mage without trinket (sure death without defence). Will i be able to get out of stun in Fractured btw ( i mean once Im stunned) ?


    if i remember correctly the rogue in WoW needed a weapon, although the training dagger you obtain at level 1 worked.

    stun locks and such mechanics are horrible for pvp focused games with full loot. Even in Eve, if you're ship is energy vamped (drain the power of the ship) and webbed (prevents the ship from moving or warping away), there is still the pod that gives a slight chance of the character escaping death. Fantasy games dont have that escape chance when you're completely unable to move your character.


    @Jetah said in Name OP ability / mechanic experienced in other pvp arpg/mmorpg/moba:

    Fantasy games dont have that escape chance when you're completely unable to move your character.

    Here you can work with like 2 or more different immunity timers like Warhammer did for example. If you get knockdowned you get a specific time of movement imparing immunity (like 30 sec or more/less, you are not be able to be knockbacked, knockdowned or rooted after you got a knockdown) and if you are silenced for example you cannot be stunned or silenced afertwards and so on. So you have to time a chain CC properly with your groupmates and it makes Zergs less powerfull also. I really liked that in Warhammer a lot because you were able to chain CC someone but at the same time it was just a short time window to kill that target then and also made it a lot easier to deal with large groups which randomly trigger that timer without harming you too much.

  • @Shivashanti Yes, so basically CC should be divided into soft / hard - it was agreed in another topic that this is best solution, as hard cc wouldnt be OP (couldnt be stacked) but still be powerfull, when neccessary.


    Yes. Hard CC should have harsh deminishing returns. To prevent chaining.

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    Have not played to much...but it seems mage is slowly creeping up to be top dog. with this new update + scholar robs with full Mana reg (rare items needed) you basiclly have mana forever.
    You end up just spamming spellings. feels like a true nuker.

  • @maze how about character with high PER and CHA using this and this further increasing chances to hit - if both assassin and mage are glass canons, first one to land disable or nuke might have upper hand 😄 But Im afraid of permakiting too.

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