Alpha 2 February stress test week feedback


    Note: Aside from the whole login mess (I can actually play now, and I'm really enjoying it~ :D) the comments I made in my previous post still apply.
    Anything new will be updated here if/when I find it.
    haha my updates keep getting flagged as spam when I find things in quick succession ;^;


    • When clicking and dragging the mouse to move, sometimes it stops registering that I'm holding the LMB down (and as such stops updating the movement destination coords). This is only mildly annoying, until it happens while running away from an enemy, then it becomes somewhat dangerous.
    • Logs can't be interacted with if they spawn propped against a tree stump. Sometimes running around/through the log can dislodge it, allowing it to be interacted with, but this doesn't always work.
    • The chest interface inexplicably closes itself while I'm using it. No other inventory windows do this, only the chests.
    • If I interact with my fireplace from either end, it opens the radial menu and my character runs to it, but doesn't perform any interaction. Also I can only rest at the fireplace if I manually move my character beside it before doing the interaction.
    • It seems the walls of my house still block the camera/cursor trace when I'm inside, despite being invisible. I have a chest placed against one of the front-facing walls of my house, and have to move my character so that the walls aren't "blocking" the camera in order to interact with the chest. I'm not sure how it works in Unity, but in Unreal Engine there are separate trace channels for camera, collision, cursor, etc. and I'd imagine Unity has something similar somewhere in the settings.
    • Not sure if this is already something you plan to implement in the future, but it would be nice to be able to use the handcart to store inventory items as well as the "large" things such as logs and stone blocks.
    • It's very easy for the cart to get stuck because your character can't path to the front of it. To fix this I would have a small radius around the cart that triggers attaching the cart to the player, rather than that specific spot (the player would then teleport to the correct position in front of the cart - less immersive, but a lot less awkward gameplay-wise).
    • It's difficult to select items that are somewhat hidden behind tree foliage, as clicking on the foliage counts as clicking on the tree and brings up the interaction menu for the tree. This makes fighting near trees very difficult.
    • Enchanting a bow with Damage Increase boosts melee damage - shouldn't it boost ranged?
    • Stags will sometimes enter a grazing animation while running from you, which won't be cancelled even if you attack them, making them easier than they probably should be to kill.
    • Maybe add a quick pop-up tutorial for temporary explaining purposes - half the chat is people asking about basic info (how to get sticks, how to claim land, how to build things, etc.). Alternatively (or as well) add a "Help" channel in the chat.
    • The critical hits Bleeding Strike skill deal half the damage of regular attacks with the same weapon. Shouldn't a crit deal more damage than a regular attack?


    • I like how when you claim land, the map icon changes from just a diamond to one with a little roof over it, it's cute ^.^
    • If the attack animation is playing when you open the loot window, it continues playing until you do something else (e.g. move).
    • I'm counting this as a graphical error because gameplay-wise the collision sorts itself out - my character sometimes tries to build the stone pillars for my house from inside the pillar, causing her to suddenly be teleported to outside the pillar when construction is complete.
    • The walking animation constantly restarts itself when over-encumbered, causing the character to jitter about as they move rather than walking.
    • It would be good to have some graphical indication of whether the tanning tub has hide in it or not (e.g. showing it full of water), as well as if all the hide is finished processing (no water and with the hides hung over the side?).
    • Very nice dynamic shadows.
    • The textures have unlinked themselves from the enchanting table, causing it to be either default purple or insanely-reflective white.


    • It would be nice to have tooltips for what each of the enchanting symbols means when you hover over it, to make it easier to tell which is which/if you have any items with the necessary attributes.
    • Many of the cooked food items restore a different amount of satiety than they say in their recipes (for example, while according to recipes cooked meat can restore 20-35% depending on what type of meat you cook, once you craft it they all restore 50%).
    • Tooltips for inventory items sometimes get a bit confused and won't disappear when they should, or end up repeating their contents three times (or occasionally both at once).
    • Probably something you plan to add in the future anyway, but I'll mention it just in case - filters for the chat channels would be nice (e.g. see all, only global/local, filter out system messages such as crafting).
    • Tooltips for buffs/debuffs should have a brief explanation of what they do, rather than just the name.


    I was able to get into the game world yesterday but not today. It's been loading my character for about 10 minutes now. I finally used the task manager to eliminate full screen and let it load in the background.

    This is going to sound ridiculously basic, but I don't have the wiki memorized so I was looking for SOME clues about what to do first, next, etc, in-game. No tutorial AND no clues AND no way to access the wiki in-game? As a less than geeky grrrl who wants to play without having to study up first to do it, that's an issue.
    And tbh I think it will be an issue for many potential players.

    Suggestion: short tutorial OR wikilink for beta


    I will add some consideration here since I do not want to create another post, and some of the things I wanted to share are already written in your first post (good work!)

    • You are right about the tutorial. It could be managed to add some tutorial or some info popups at the beginning of the game (or in some help menu as you suggested).
    • About the tutorial/help: I think that adding what can be crafted with some crafting station before building it (some example items shown or added in the description) will help.
    • Working sound is good but it is not synchronized with the animation. This is a really minor issue but I noticed it 😄
    • Some mobs won't hit you when you are moving with the cart, if you are keeping the cart in front of the mob. Big wolves just hit you anyway - and I think this should be for all!
    • Gathering speed - I do not get why some herbs were faster then others.
    • Chat - It will be nice to be able to ignore spamming people or interact with other people by clicking (for whisper, for example)
    • Chat - crafted items shown in chat should be highlighted and in different color.
    • Crafting - adding a button to craft multiple items or all items will be really nice
    • Pathfinding - when building house, some walls are really hard to reach with stones or wood logs, and even if you are near the wall from outside your character will automatically go inside the house. This will not happen if you are really close to the wall, and you will be able to build it from outside.
    • Pathfinding - sometimes it is quite a mess while moving, clicking or keeping the mouse down while moving sometimes stops your character.
    • Campfire - disappears after some minutes. Intentional?

    I hope those points were not already included in your previous posts.

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