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    Im sorry I know it'll get fixed but I gotta bring it up earlier yesterday in the game I found a spot where a lot of deer gathered it should have been when I got close that they decided to run away which they did doo but they kept coming back until I slaughtered enough of them to get 100% deer knowledge plus some more I think it shouldn't be that easy for me to attain that I also think that deer should drop the skill fleet foot or something ( meaning they should gain a skill as well) (So, all in all, I think the pathing should be made better which will happen I am sure when they see others of there kind die they should run maybe when the deer with antlers see someone die they should attack besides that give them a skill fleet foot making them faster or something.


    alt text
    alt text
    alt text


    I probably have an idea what is going wrong here.

    I had not that big groups at spawnern, but i am experienced some with more than usual.

    When i started at the spawner of my fox in front of my house had just one.
    Since i don't wanted to kill my house fox, he stayed mostly, if not others killed him.
    One time i came by i saw 2 foxes, so my fox got a baby 😉
    At other spawner around my house i am noticed same.

    That means, spawner respawn, but the old still spawned Cratures stay.

    Honestly i like this behaviour in general, like rabbits, should be more fast, if they don't get reduced.
    Other animals maybe too, but slower.
    And there should be limits, till the spawner don't spawn additional ones.

    I think here is the spawning function broken that check if there are still living previous spawns or the time to live for each creature is set to infinite.


    @dj35 maybe you should rename the Report with a fitting name like "Spawner - amount of creatures sometimes too high." 🙂 Seems to be for me an relativly important bug, imagine you come home from a long travel and all around your house are direwolfs, not just the one you usually face.

    Well, interesting feature, although it would make it somehow more scary to come home 😄


    Spawner is WAY too high, just got chain killed by this group overly friendly dire wolves protecting a deer rave.

    link text

    alt text

  • @Haughty I can't see the coordinates. Where is that place? If you are a mage it's easy to kill them once you unlock the spells from spiders. If you are melee, you could probably fight them with a spear and a lot of bandages once you unlock root and the buffs from goblin hills.


    @Razvan I don't think it is possible to win a downlock fight against a group of so many direwolves with anything other than big aoe damage skills like fireball or those from greater elementals and you only have enough time to use 1 bandage and 1 cast before being knocked out again. Melee chars with spear stand no chance at all.

  • @MonkP If you play mage, you have a huge slow and a root from giant spiders, the armor buff from black widows, a big aoe ball with 10sec cooldown from lich spiders and another big aoe ball from either wisps or goblin shamans can't remember exactly. I could kill 2 bears and a bunch of small wolves without taking damage, so I guess you can also do that to the direwolves. As melee with spear, it's harder, but if you have root you can aoe damage them from a safe distance. I need to know where this area is next time so I can test myself.


    I don't see how being able to kill 2 bears and a bunch of small wolves without being hit relates to the screenshots posted with 10+ direwolves surrounding you in each of them and you start from being knocked out with barely any endurance even after using bandage. You won't even manage to finish casting mage armor before going down again as it takes few secs. Spider's aoe web is a long cast too and it doesn't cause cripple effect immediately and even after it does it could only slow down wolves a little while you need to deal damage. And you are still surrounded. You really are overoptimistic about how much time you have to do anything. You don't get a grace period, they are all instantly on you after getting up, you have a fraction of a second to bandage yourself and maybe enough time wiith remaining endurance to do a single quick cast like fireball. Repeat few times waiting out on the ground and hopefully they'll die before you run out of hp. Without any advanced aoe damage spells you might as well go get a break and make some coffee or something to plan what to do next starting from your home.

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    @dj35 @Kralith @Haughty @Razvan @MonkP there was a bug that made some monsters spawners generate 2x, 3x or even 4x the correct amount of creatures. It's been fixed during the course of the playtest 🙂


    @Prometheus ahh well that's good too know thank you


    @MonkP had a similar issue that was further exacerbated by a noticeable delay between keyboard activation to game response ( even though ping and frames were reasonable) that meant the monsters had time to regrouped, return and re- paralyzed the character before it even regained consciousness on my client and you can't do squat, not even bandage !. Servers might have held up, but game dynamics was painfully slow during test for me.

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