You have no right to loot this.

  • I seem to get this message often. I kill something (melee or ranged - it doesn't matter) and then I can't loot the corpse. It has happened with wolves and spiders.


    I wonder if someone else attacked it and ran off before it died then it regened.


    I was experiencing this several times.
    And i always got no loot, as if i also did not got KP or Knowledge itself.

    Zabalus experienced it, when we was with @Oxfurd at killing Wisps and Elementars.
    He even did not got rights at this kill, when he hitted them first.

    And later with @Lohen at Goblin Hills, when there was several other people to kill the Goblin Shaman.
    No unlocked Knowledge, no KP, no loot rights.

    But there is no regularity that i could discover.
    Maybe someone who makes much fighting can write down the experience with it.


    I've been getting this once in a while, it's almost like there's duplicate animals. You'll find a fox, but there's a second one with it too, you get kp and loot for one of them, but the other says you have no right to it, and no points.

    If you happen to just see the one mob but not both, and kill the one but not the second, then you get nothing. It's possible that someone else already killed the one that had the loot and left the one without it. First two days of this test, I didn't see two of every animal hanging out together, just one, nor did I see this message ever, but maybe they increased the number of animals for the stress test, but never increased the loot and kp for the added ones? I know yesterday all day I searched for bears, never found one, searched for black widows, found 3... so there is a definite overhunting of some going on, yet when you do find one, you find another right with it now.

    Take deer, herds had just one stag running with them, now they have two. Direwolves, same, now they run in pairs.... So did they just add the animal but no loot to try to keep up with demand? Seems likely to me.


    @Greenfire you describe this "now they run in couples or groups"... can maybe be related to the Spawner behaviour?


    @Kralith yeah, just read that, also quite likely, either way, there's some kind of calculation preventing some of the spawns from generating loot and/or kp.

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