Reproducing spawn bug

  • I have reproduced a way to continuously reproduce wolves. My plot is is right on top of a spawn point for wolves. I was trying to keep them out of my plot by building a fence, but the problems got worse. I went to get some wood, came back and there were 50 wolves that had spawned under my fence within a couple of minutes. I realized I could kill them, loot them and they respawn almost instantly.

    I tried changing the layout of the fence to see if it improves or not and the problems is consistent if my fence sits on top of the spawn point. I even added a benches and craft tables, no different. It seems that the land spawns them because it doesn't recognize that they are there when a plot object is there as well.



    Haha, you found a way to have your own wolf farm 😄

    Seems as if your spawner ticks way more often for some reason.
    There are another report about too many spawns - maybe the both are somehow related.


    Excellent info, start selling wolf pelts!

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