Dynamism combat


    How far they will take this concept in respect to interactable environments and combat? I remember from games like Magicka 2 you can combine spells to create different reactions.
    You can create a steam spell by combining fire+water spells, then you can combine that steam spell with lightning and fire spells to create another more destructive spell.


    Divinity Original Sin 2 also had spells that allowed players to create puddles of water or blood so that they can cast electric spells on them.


    spells can already be combined.

    an electrical spells cased on water will electrify the water.

    i doubt we'll have the power to combine those to create a new spell.

  • lets hope so, so far there are 400 abilities, each with 3 modification - thats like 1200 abilities. Isn´t it enough for you r0lldice123 ? 😛

  • I don't think OP is talking about the number or diversity of abilities, but rather about the joy of combining elements to create spells or combining spells to get bonus effects.

    I haven't played Magicka much, but if you remember an old game called Revenant - the exciting thing about its gameplay is how instead of pressing 1 to cast life-drain, you have to select death, life and soul. The cooldown is basically how fast you can get the correct talismans in the right order. The skillbar is basically how many combinations you do remember. This ads some immersion to the game. Of course, that worked 20 years ago, but nowadays people would just use macros instead.

  • @Razvan Hmm, good old times 🙂 Too bad game was simplier if you just hacked it with sword 😄 But learning combos from PaiMei´ish master was fun.

    From old gameplays we can see you can use water to electrify for example, so far we cannot summon it. But we have Conjuration school of magic and many spells are still unknown. Or if you used cold spell, puddle might remain on the ground after the spell ends (but it would probably take way more work. Let them concentrate on important stuff).

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