Quality of Life Improvement/Ideas

  • -More stone blocks from stone deposit, 2/deposit is kind low
    -Leather refining, 16hrs real time? o.O
    -Usable medium rocks, atm they are just for decoration
    -wooden chest placement(35cap) can't be placed by walls, kinda annoying
    -self closing chest window, while interacting with chest its just closing itself(or it could be just me with double clicking mouse bug, it happens with gaming mouses)
    -option to minimalized chat window or make background of chat darker permament, atm it kinda hurt my eyes while i read to much chat(overall brightness is kinda too high for me)
    -chat again, option to report/mute/ignore annoying toxic players (/wave Tanaka)
    -crafting multiple items
    -rotate camera? zoom not always help
    -we can build ourself bed but can't sleep in it ;

  • I will just post new thing here cuz forum bot market this thread as spam(it was something like that i notification) cuz I edited it too much ;

    -a bit faster resources, a lot of people now complaining about not being able to find branches, trees etc

    • no dual wielding :<
      -herbs/plants, resources shown on minimap? animal tracking on minimap mby as reward for 100% bestiary or something?
      -moving durning slow debuff looks just silly ;d
      -neutral animals could give us defensive, support skills
      -would be nice if "unguent"(ashes+fat) could stack up to 10 aswell
      -item stack split plz
      -unlocked and learned skill shared through with all your character(or will it too easy?)
      -more place for skills on action bar

  • Community Manager

    @Solitz I've restored your thread. This is the first time I'm hearing about the spam filter triggering due to too many edits.

  • @Specter well always need to be 1st time ;

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