Trying once again to get in to test the game out


    And yet I can't even get it to load to character selection. It just keeps saying Loading Assets. This is my second attempt to get in on a stress test with no luck so far. I'm a bit frustrated to say the least but I'm holding out hope that I can get in before the end of the weekend.


    waited upwards of 30 minutes and nothing, loading assets. I'm screwed I think unless someone has had this problem and knows how to fix it I can't play this game. Was interested in it but if this is going to be an ongoing thing for me then I don't see a reason for me to play this game.


    I have this exact same issue, with no idea what to do to fix it. I'm on a fairly nice computer, so I'm certain it's not my specs being too low. I waited a very long time (probably more like 20 minutes than 30, in my case) and then crashed it. Going to try one more time, but I don't hold out hope.

    I'm able to get to character selection but then I can't log into the character. That's the issue I'm having.


    Further info:

    I waited over 30 minutes (started a timer, went afk, came back after over 30 minutes) and it never loaded. Just kept saying, LOADING WORLD.

    Also, since I had to get into task manager to kill the process, I noticed that it was taking up almost no memory/CPU usage/etc. It was definitely not overloading my system by any means. So I imagine that's relevant.

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