The woe of house-building

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    Everyone spawning in the same few areas means that most building spots are already taken - especially problematic for the players starting later who are more likely to be ones who haven't played in previous tests - the people least familiar with the game are the ones who have to trek the furthest looking for a spot to claim (or even for un-looted trees to get some branches from)

    Then they get the joy of building a house... if you want us to test particular aspects of the game don't make us go through 2 hours of soul-destroyingly tedious house building. Unless house-building is one of the key things to be tested, it should (during testing) be a lot simpler / quicker / easier.

    Once I was half way through building the house walls I noticed a comment from someone in chat about how useful carts are - so I broke off from collecting logs to build walls to collecting logs to build a cart. 8 logs later it was indeed useful, I pulled it over to a tree, chopped the tree down, and loaded all the logs into the cart - excellent! Except it seems that while there was enough space for me to pull up to a fullgrown tree and let go of the cart, the cart was now too close to the tree stump to start pulling it again 😞


    @Xaar as for the Cart, you can turn now your Cart to unstuck it.

    As for the Spawnpoints, i am agreeing, new ones who came late this testphase had do run a good while to find an free spot.
    But they said, they will change the way it will work in next test.
    There will be Starter Towns with Structures and storage to use.

    I think it will also help to make spawnplaces all over the world, maybe dynamically, when an area is taken too much, the spawnpoint for new player will change to another NPC town.

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    I started a day late this phase and didn't have to run very far to find an unclaimed spot... but I did have to run a bit further to find an unclaimed spot not inhabited by 5 wisps, 3 treants, and 20 sproutlings.

    Even where I am right now isn't very far from the last starting point and there are at least 6 open plots in spitting distance.

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